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Saudi Arabia

Terror plot thwarted in Taif

JEDDAH: The Interior Ministry said on Friday that it thwarted a plot by terrorists to attack targets in the Kingdom.
Officers from the ministry raided a house in Taif where the suspects were staying and arrested three men, seized Daesh flags, gun silencers and computers.
An officer, Sgt. Awad Siraj Al-Maliki, was killed during the operation.
The spokesman said that the militants had first fired on the officers at about 4:30 a.m. A manhunt has now been launched for a fourth man, Yousef Abdullatif Shabab Al-Ghamdi.
The ministry has called on the man to surrender, and urged anyone with information on his whereabouts to call the number 990. Those who help Al-Ghamdi in any way would face legal consequences, the ministry stated.
Meanwhile, several people on social networking sites have praised the security forces for foiling the plans of the group. These terrorists were targeting houses of God, they said.

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