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90% of Saudis over 60 have osteoporosis

RIYADH: Nearly 90 percent of Saudi citizens aged above 60 years suffer from osteoporosis, a condition where the bones become brittle and tend to break, according to recent studies.
Experts attribute the increase in the number of osteoporosis cases in the Kingdom to reasons such as change in the lifestyle, diet, non-exposure to sunlight and lack of physical activity.
The upward trend of the osteoporosis cases would continue unless realistic and practical steps are taken, they said.
A study conducted at King Khalid University Hospital found that 58 percent of the pre-menopause Saudi women suffer from osteoporosis.
Orthopedic consultant Dr. Mohamed Al-Sahan said risks are always associated with women over 40 and studies proved that one in every three women after the age of 55 is prone to get osteoporosis.
He affirmed that osteoporosis may begin at 50 but mostly happens at 60, adding that non-exposure to sunlight is considered one of the major reasons for osteoporosis in the Kingdom.

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