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Saudi Arabia

96% of Jeddah homes without adequate fire security systems

Most Jeddah residences don’t have fire security systems, which can lead to serious injuries or death, said Brig. Turki Al-Harithy, director of Civil Defense.
Al-Harithy cited a recent incident at a local apartment, which caught fire due to careless handling of a cigarette. Fire wasn’t put out until it was too late. The house was gutted by flames.
The Civil Defense officer said if there was a fire alarm or fire extinguisher available in the apartment, then fire could have been nipped in the bud.
Al-Harithy made his remarks during the inauguration of the awareness campaign of Saudi Aramco for fire safety and security recently. He said that 96 percent of residences don’t have fire alarms or fire extinguishers.
He urged Jeddah residents to install fire alarms at homes to reduce the risk of fire and smoke to preserve lives and property. Al-Harithy inaugurated the campaign in the presence of Dr. Tariq Fawadh Abu Shanab, director of Public Relations for Jeddah Police, and Saudi Aramco officials.
Al-Harithy visited the stalls and checked all the preparations of the campaign with Naif Al-Otaibi from Saudi Aramco. He said he admired the role of Saudi Aramco in educating and spreading the awareness to the public.
“It is not strange that Aramco is doing such efforts and putting effective contributions in raising public awareness, and the culture of public safety,” said Al-Harithy.
Samir Nasruddin, director of Aramco affairs, said through this campaign the fire department will provide its experience and its efforts in promoting a culture of fire-prevention and reducing the causes of death, as studies have shown that one of the most important causes of death is suffocation due to smoke inhalation.

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