FMP and Zain in deal for golden warranty bundles

Updated 06 April 2013

FMP and Zain in deal for golden warranty bundles

A first in the Kingdom: Customers can now redeem the value of their mobile phone through the Golden Warranty Bundles of Future for Modern Products (FMP).
In a collaborative step, Future for Modern Products, a leading mobile phones distributor in Saudi Arabia, and Zain Telecom Saudi Arabia have concluded an agreement. Zain is launching a selection of telecom packages under the name “golden warranty bundles”
These bundles are directly linked with FMP’s Golden Warranty Program, which enjoys an unrivaled and huge success in the Saudi Market. This allows any FMP customer, holder of a golden warranty card for a Samsung mobile, to approach Zain Telecom Saudi Arabia and benefit easily of the numerous features and benefits of the “golden warranty bundles”.
The bundles are divided into 3 different bundles that target all social categories and purchasing capacities.
The pre-paid “golden warranty bundle” offers an additional credit of SR 50 per month over a period of one year, with every re-charge of SR 100.
The post-paid “golden warranty bundles” 1 & 2 offer the benefit of redeeming up to SR 170 per month over a period of one year, equivalent to a total of SR 2,040.
The post-paid “golden warranty bundles” 1 & 2 offer numerous features and benefits for the subscribers including free special phone numbers and free calls, SMS and data plans.
All this stands for effective redeem of the mobile value, and for further details visit Future for Modern Products (FMP) website
FMP offers its clients, with to the golden warranty program launched by the company in 2012, theft insurance on their mobile phones, a 2-year guarantee, in addition to regular raffle draws on valuable prizes.
This program was followed by a customer awareness campaign titled: “Not all that glitters is gold”.
The campaign was a first in the Saudi market and aims at ensuring protection for the Samsung mobile holders from forgery and fraud.
It also achieved FMP’s prime objective in gaining its customers’ full satisfaction and trust, as well as widening its customer base across the Kingdom.

VFS Global opens visa application center in Riyadh

Updated 23 September 2018

VFS Global opens visa application center in Riyadh

VFS Global, the world’s largest outsourcing and technology services specialist for diplomatic missions, has announced the opening of a UK visa application center in Riyadh, close to the diplomatic quarter.

VFS Global said the new center, which will serve travelers to the UK and Australia, is equipped to handle more visa applicants conveniently with increased seating capacity and ample parking space, while also offering ancillary travel services within the premises for a seamless customer experience.

Officially inaugurating the center, Ambassador of the UK to Saudi Arabia Simon Collis said: “‘Our customers in Saudi Arabia are extremely important to us, and we continually look for new and innovative ways to improve the visa service we offer, both to Saudi nationals and local residents. We offer an excellent visa service for those who choose to apply for a UK visa. 

For Saudi nationals, the average processing time for non-settlement visas is less than five days. Whether speed, convenience or comfort is the priority, we hope that this new VAC — and indeed the visa services available across the whole of Saudi Arabia — provide our customers with a Great British welcome from the very start of their journey to the UK.”

The new center is located at 2591, Al-Hada District, besides Courtyard Marriott Hotel and close to Ritz Carlton, Riyadh. Visa applicants to the UK and Australia can access details on visa application procedures at

Located on the Makkah Road, the center is also well-connected to the city center and other neighboring towns.

Vinay Malhotra, regional group COO for Middle East, South Asia and China, VFS Global, said: “The new standalone center has been designed with a view to provide a comprehensive experience to applicants in terms of visa processing and accessing necessary travel services under one canopy. The UK continues to remain a popular destination for tourism, business and student visitors from Saudi Arabia. The latest visa figures show that over 130,000 Saudi nationals were issued a UK visa in the last year.We are confident that the new center for the UK and Australia visa applicants will provide enhanced convenience and ensure customer delight.”

Managed by professionals, the center also offers the comfort of a Premium Lounge for more personalized service as optional service.