Saudi locksmith displays world’s biggest iron lock

Updated 11 April 2013

Saudi locksmith displays world’s biggest iron lock

The biggest iron lock in the world is on display at Janadriyah Cultural Festival in Riyadh.
The lock is 5 meters high and 2.44 wide and 60 cm thick and will be officially registered as a Guinness World Record next month.
Anas Mohammad Rajab, the locksmith, has a large collection of old English locks. Some of these date back to 1943. He said English locksmiths are known for sculpting the date of when they made their locks.
“My family started this craft 90 years ago in Taif. The craft has become a keys and lock industry.
The Ministry of Finance and other government departments have approved us as the only lock-pickers in Saudi Arabia,” said Rajab.
It is not the first time Rajab participated in the festival. Last year he exhibited the heaviest lock in Saudi Arabia.
It weighed 45 kg and its key weighed 4 kg.

Rumors intensify as Football superstars meet at Salt Bae restaurant in Dubai

Updated 18 November 2018

Rumors intensify as Football superstars meet at Salt Bae restaurant in Dubai

  • Lionel Messi and Paul Pogba met and talked at steakhouse in Dubai, which is owned by the famous Salt Bae
  • Both were in Dubai during the international break

DUBAI: Football fanatics were going crazy over an unexpected meeting between Lionel Messi and Paul Pogba in Salt Bae’s steakhouse in Dubai.

Manchester United midfielder Pogba, who last week withdrew from a game due to a thigh injury, was enjoying a break in Dubai when he bumped into Barcelona legend Messi.

Pogba posted a video of himself enjoying a lavish steak meal at the Nusr-Et in Dubai, as Salt Bae performed his iconic steak-slicing act. He reportedly sat with Messi, as they both had a “deep conversation,” according to local Manchester media.

Their meeting was met with both excitement and speculations about the possible transfer of Pogba to Barcelona, as the 25-year-old struggles with his relationship with Man United’s Jose Mourinho.

Barcelona center-back Gerard Pique recently showed excitement at the potential transfer.

“We will be happy to have him here, obviously. We want the best players to be at Barcelona,” Pique said.

The Premier League resumes next weekend and Pogba is looking forward to be back, as Manchester United’s medical department had said his injury wasn’t serious.