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Saudi locksmith displays world’s biggest iron lock

The biggest iron lock in the world is on display at Janadriyah Cultural Festival in Riyadh.
The lock is 5 meters high and 2.44 wide and 60 cm thick and will be officially registered as a Guinness World Record next month.
Anas Mohammad Rajab, the locksmith, has a large collection of old English locks. Some of these date back to 1943. He said English locksmiths are known for sculpting the date of when they made their locks.
“My family started this craft 90 years ago in Taif. The craft has become a keys and lock industry.
The Ministry of Finance and other government departments have approved us as the only lock-pickers in Saudi Arabia,” said Rajab.
It is not the first time Rajab participated in the festival. Last year he exhibited the heaviest lock in Saudi Arabia.
It weighed 45 kg and its key weighed 4 kg.