Tremors create panic in EP, Riyadh

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Updated 20 April 2013

Tremors create panic in EP, Riyadh


Thousands of people ran from their homes and offices in the Eastern Province yesterday after tremors were felt from a massive earthquake in Iran.
There were reports of tremors in Dammam, Alkhobar and other parts of the Eastern Province. Tremors were also felt in other Gulf states and as far as India. At least one building in Riyadh was evacuated yesterday when office workers felt the building shake.
No injuries were reported in the Eastern Province or Riyadh by the Civil Defense.
Jamal Khan, an IT expert at Saudi Research and Publishing Company (SRPC) in Dammam, said: “I felt the building shake. I just wanted to find a way to escape.” 
Shajahan, an expatriate living in Dammam, said: “I felt the building shake and was shocked and afraid. When I got outside, I saw other people had also left their buildings.” 
Muhammad Yahya, a citizen, said: “This earthquake was stronger than the one last week.”
Dr. Zuhair Nawab, president of the Saudi Geological Survey, told Arab News yesterday that the Eastern Province and Riyadh felt the earthquake at noon yesterday. “The earthquake in Iran occurred in the south-east of Iran, which is 1,300 km away from the Saudi border,” he said. He said there was no cause for alarm because the Kingdom was far from the earthquake's epicenter.
The Almezan Tower in Olaya Street in Riyadh was evacuated yesterday as a precautionary measure. However, Nawab said the evacuation was not ordered by the Civil Defense, but by the owners and occupants of the complex. 
Suber Syed, who works as a regional product manager at one of the offices at Almezan Tower, said: “I was in a meeting with my team around 2 p.m. when suddenly we felt the table shaking. My other colleagues in the office shouted out in surprise and panic and we all headed toward the corridor. The whole building was being evacuated. The lifts were shut down and we had to take the stairs down from the sixth floor.”
Hemant Pandya, a systems engineer, who also works in the same tower, said: “We felt as if our building was swinging. I first felt our table moving, then my chair swinging. I saw that my colleagues were experiencing the same thing, so we rushed out of the building.”
According to reports, the US Geological Survey said the earthquake hit at a depth of 15.2 km.
On April 9, a powerful 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck close to Iran's only nuclear power station, killing 37 people, injuring 850 and devastating two villages. This one was not close to a nuclear facility.
Meanwhile, there were reports of 34 people being killed in Pakistan, with hundreds of houses flattened.
Iran sits on major geological faultlines and has suffered several devastating earthquakes, including a 6.6 magnitude earthquake in 2003 that flattened the city of Bam, in the country’s far southeast, killing more than 25,000 people.




Sharqiah Season: What to expect this weekend?

Updated 21 March 2019

Sharqiah Season: What to expect this weekend?

RIYADH: A bumper program of entertainment is being lined up in the Eastern Province for the biggest weekend yet of Sharqiah Season.

Concerts, a film festival, and a spectacular air race are just some of the events due to take place in the region as part of attractions for both Saudis and visitors to the Kingdom.

The action gets underway with the fifth annual Saudi Film Festival taking place from March 21 to 26 at the King Abdul Aziz Center for World Culture (Ithra) in Dhahran.

Organized by the Saudi Arabian Society for Culture and Arts (SASCA) in Dammam, in partnership with Ithra, the movie fest will honor Saudi and Gulf cinema figures and include 10 training workshops and 10 seminars.

The festival aims to promote opportunities for Saudi talent in the film industry and flicks from the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman will be included among screenings.

All participating films will be shown during the event, and there will be a Golden Palm award for best documentary about a Saudi city and best poster (based on audience voting). A winners’ presentation will take place at the closing ceremony, after which the films will be screened at the Ithra center.

Tickets can be purchased via Ithra’s website, with options for single-day, four-day, and VIP passes.

Meanwhile, the long-awaited Red Bull Air Race demo comes to Dammam from March 21 to 23. The event, organized along with the General Sports Authority, will provide spectators with a warm-up taster for the Red Bull Air Race World Championship 2019 season finale, to be held in Saudi Arabia in November.

The air-racing competition, developed in 2003 and accredited by the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI), is billed as “the most advanced aerial challenge in existence.”

Using the fastest, most agile, high-performance race planes, pilots fly just meters from the ground and against the clock to complete an obstacle course full of twists and turns. The air spectacular takes off at Dammam Corniche between 1 p.m. and 6 p.m.

Saturday will also see the highly anticipated Color Run come to the South Alkhobar Corniche. The 5-km dash involves participants being doused with colored powder at the end of every kilometer. Runners start dressed all in white and emerge at the end of the run covered in the colors of the General Entertainment Authority’s logo.

The untimed run takes place between 5 a.m. and noon and rest areas offering refreshments and entertainment will be available between stops.

For concert fans the Asharqiah Music Festival will feature performances by major names at Dammam’s Life Park. US rapper Pitbull and Canadian DJ Deadmau5 will take to the stage on March 21, and March 22 will witness performances by Egyptian vocalist Amr Diab, US-Moroccan rapper French Montana, and American singer Akon.

Lovers of regional music are not left out, with appearances by Assala Nasri and Mutrif Al-Mutrif on March 22, and Nabil Shuail and Hatem Al-Iraqi on March 23, all at the Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Center in Al-Qatif.

Sharqiah Season, the first of 11 Saudi seasons of entertainment planned for 2019, will run until the end of the month with more than 83 different events scheduled across nine cities in the region.