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The Cake Boutique, European style and taste

The Cakes Boutique is a luxury cake and pastry shop located on Rawdah Street, Jeddah. The boutique focuses on elegant custom-made cakes and dessert tables for weddings and special events. The desserts are exquisite and a treat for the eye as well as the taste buds.
Each cake is uniquely designed and created to accommodate the clients every whim, using the freshest ingredients and flavors.
The boutique’s manager begins by interviewing the bride-to-be, asking her about the wedding theme, the colors, the venue, her preferred flavors and even her makeup on the big day, which allows the pastry team to embellish the bride’s big day with delicious desserts.
The Cake Boutique offers different signature flavors, such as rose, pistachio, vanilla, Nutella, red velvet, carrot, lavender, caramel, lemon, strawberry and many other delightful choices. Brides in Jeddah can now follow the latest trends in gourmet desserts and wedding cake designs without worrying about quality and execution.
The boutique’s manager constantly updates herself with the latest wedding trends and cake designs, seeking inspiration from the Internet, bridal magazines and the plethora of images available on social media platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and other sources.
Recent wedding dessert tables are witnessing a yearning for the return of traditional styles fashioned in a modern edge, with the color white predominate. The pastry team at the Cake Boutique designs the cake to perfection, ensuring a flawless presentation and an unforgettable palate.
A wedding cake does not simply serve a decorative function; it needs to taste good as well. The chefs at the Cake Boutique employ simple baking techniques, without excessively using frosting and cream between the layers, to deliver an elegant and delicious wedding cake.
When it comes to the latest Saudi wedding cake attractions, brides are keen on adhering to the international trends and are choosing to keep the designs simple. Most brides focus on pastel colors that match their makeup and the centerpieces.
The Cake Boutique team requests brides to choose their cake and book their services at least three weeks prior to the wedding, in order to allow the chef and pastry team ample time to begin preparations, especially if the bride requested the ‘Bridal Dress’ design, which is the boutique’s signature cake. This cake design requires the chef to analyze the bride’s dress closely to replicate the silhouette of the dress as well as the fine details.
When the wedding cake is finished and ready to be displayed, the Cake Boutique delivers the cake to the wedding hall and the chef accompanies it to make sure it is placed in a suitable position and in the right temperature.
The one obstacle wedding cake shops face in Saudi Arabia is that wedding halls located in hotels usually don’t accept cakes delivered from outside the hotel and this is consequently affecting pastry shops’ businesses.

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