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Revealed: Art to have a perfect card

No bridal trousseau is complete without the perfect wedding card gladly announcing to the world that you intend to spend the rest of your life with your significant other. Your wedding card is a social notice to announce that special day, but it also reflects your true feelings. With a wedding card you share your happiness with those who matter to you.
From the crier who would loudly inform the entire town of an approaching wedding in ancient times, to the monks who were commissioned by nobler families to skillfully document invites in calligraphy, the history of wedding announcements has come a long way.
Even though social media notifications and e-mails have eased the trouble of reaching out to overseas friends, families and colleagues informing them excitedly of your D-day, posting and personally handing out traditional wedding cards are still a novel practice prevalent in the rigors of the wedding ceremony.
We scouted one of the best wedding card makers in Jeddah to help you make your own special announcement with a card that shows not just your prowess in taste but also your commitment to new beginnings.
Mawadda Ghurab, the owner of Le Papier, a design studio that specializes in elegant and inspirational wedding invitations, said, “Choosing the perfect wedding card is similar to choosing the perfect dress. First impressions last forever, and since the wedding invitation is the first thing the bride’s guests will see from the wedding, it is important to set the perfect impression.
“Wedding invitations also set the tone and the theme for the entire wedding, not to mention the fact that they’ll last forever in your wedding album.”
Wedding card designers are galore in the market, thus providing a lot of options to the modern bride. It is crucial that you look for someone you can trust enough to understand and execute your design vision.
Wedding invitations are becoming more unique and trendy, and are also used as a means to represent the true signature, style, artistic temper and character of a young couple.
“In my designs I always think of creative ways to use the paper itself and not only the design printed on paper. For example, I have designed a card that looks like a flower. It’s becoming more trendy and personalized,” said Ghurab.
The design of a wedding invitation can reflect both the wedding theme and the bride’s character. The invitation can also be neutral, to keep guests wondering what the theme of the wedding would be.
To find the perfect card, start working on your wedding card the moment you fix the wedding date. This will give you ample time to explore ideas and themes along the way.
It may be a good idea to involve a close family member or friend to help you in choosing your wedding card. With a 100 things on your to-do list, lighten the burden of full responsibility with such an important aspect of your wedding.
Do not hesitate to ask your designer for samples of cards they have made for clients before you. This should give you an idea of whether you would trust them with your own wedding card.
Skip the formal whites and beiges and think colorful. Matching the color of the card with your bridal dress is one place you can start with.
Themed cards are all the rage. Do not be afraid to experiment with ideas. Work them out with your designer to see if they are feasible. Get bold and have fun.
Send out your invitations 4-6 weeks before the “big day”. This will help you estimate the number of guests you will be entertaining and help make any additional changes to other wedding logistics like food serving arrangements, return gifts etc.
Order a few extra invitation cards. There may be a third cousin your mother forgot to invite, or a new colleague you might want to join you in the fun. You may also want an invitation to frame, or include in an album after the wedding. Ordering a few extra invitations is less expensive than doing an emergency second run.

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