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Saudi Arabia

12 dengue cases detected in Jeddah

Twelve new cases of dengue fever have been discovered in the neighborhoods of south Jeddah last week.
Dr. Sami Badawood, director general of Jeddah Health Affairs at the Ministry of Health, yesterday confirmed that the cases were discovered after the patients visited public hospitals complaining of high temperature accompanied with skin rash and acute intestinal pain, body aches and an inability to concentrate.
About 300 cases of dengue fever were registered in the first four months of 2013 despite an ongoing campaign to eradicate mosquitoes that carry the disease.
Badawood told Arab News that the preventive measures against dengue are being taken by the municipality, while diagnosis and treatment of the disease are being carried out by hospitals and primary health care centers at the Ministry of Health.
He explained that open tanks, places or large utensils where there is stagnant water, are breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

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