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Iranian drones over Bahrain and Syria

ARE we going to experience a new twist in our encounter with Iran? I’m afraid yes. We anticipate a political and militant escalation as we hear the news of a surveillance drone being shot down over the Bahraini airspace. A similar drone was shot down in Al-Qussayr in Syria, according to the opposition claim.
If that is true, I mean if the Iranians have the audacity to send drones to remote airspaces defying the norms of the political engagement, it is sign of a dangerous development. We should interpret this move in relation to other developments such as sending fighters to Syria, activating espionage cells in Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. They had also sent a ship carrying weapons to Yemen before.
This mirrors the hostility of the Iranian policy. Apparently, Iran is going ahead with escalation because either it feels that it is isolated internationally, thanks to its nuclear activities or because it feels that there are chances for it to exploit the situation, especially due to the absence of Americans. President Barack Obama’s policy shows US indifference toward conflicts and its involvement in wars. The Americans have lost their appetite for wars and confrontations, especially in the Middle East.
I think the escalation by Iran is because of the second reason. Iran is stoking the situation because it feels that is how it can extend its influence. Iran thinks it has now an opportunity to exploit the situation.
Tehran is encouraged by Obama’s lack of interest in the region that has never been so since the WWII.
Iran thinks Obama does not intend to go for a military option no matter how great the Iranian influence becomes. Iran, under the leadership of the Revolutionary Guard, wants to make inroads into Syria and Iraq while threatening regional countries, like Bahrain and others.
Are these speculations result from our fear or are they based on the ground realities? Gunmen sent to Syria, the espionage cells and the surveillance drones are signs that Iran is trying to reinforce its influence. Iran has not paid attention to the international calculations that have been always part of the formula in the oil regions.
The hostile Iranian policy has become more pronounced after the failure of the threats and sanctions by the West. Russia’s continuing support to Iran is further worsening the situation.
We are facing a growing monster called the Iranian regime. This monster will not stop growing with the Revolutionary Guard impacting more vital sectors in the country such as oil, economy, intelligence and the foreign policies. This Iranian monster is pushing the region toward more wars and disputes.

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