Champion trio


Champion trio

The football season ended and three teams were crowned champions — Fateh, Ittihad and Hilal who all earned bragging rights as the league, King’s Cup and Crown Prince’s Cup champions respectively.
Despite three different teams winning championships the level of play this season could well be considered the weakest.

Hilal and Ittihad’s performance were both not impressive. As a matter of fact, Ittihad ranked 7th in the league and has been very bad all throughout the season. In terms of success rate Ittihad is only a little better compared to Hilal. They won the King’s Cup, beat the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of the league to win the championship, and has booked a spot for next year’s Asian Champions League elbowing out Nassr.
Hilal, on the other hand, gave up all championships, not to mention being eliminated from the Asian Champions League. Hilal hardly won the Crown Prince’s Cup.

I think the management made the difference in the success of the three champion teams.
Fateh’s management is still in awe that they actually got the league even with less financial support, only working silently and focusing on the goal. Ittihad’s management faced big challenges from the beginning, and making it even worse was when they had to kick Mohammad Noor out. Indeed, the management has proven they don’t need a Noor to get the King’s Cup.

Now, let’s talk about Hilal. I think that their management is the worst. Hilal won the Crown Prince and had the golden opportunity to win the league and King’s Cup for a possible treble but then gave more focus on the AFC Champions League only for it to not last long there.
The Hilal president, who is now in his fifth year at the helm, has never learned from the past mistakes. In fact, he is repeating them foolishly. Doesn’t this remind you of the 2003-2004 season during his brother’s one- year presidency? I can’t wait for next year in hopes of a better season for all the teams.

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