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Athr Gallery comes alive with ‘Ramadan Nights’

Jeddah’s Athr Gallery launched its ”Ramadan Nights” on Tuesday evening with four different exhibitions.
One of the main highlights of the event was “Strokes in Dialogue,” a joint exhibition of Arabic and Chinese calligraphy by two renowned calligraphers Wong Dongling and Samir Al-Sayegh.
Dongling, a prominent Chinese calligrapher, displayed a form of composition that synthesizes traditional Chinese aesthetics with modernist art. His work was inspired by a deep Chinese philosophy known as Taoism. Dongling also demonstrated a poem, in his calligraphy, about being in Saudi Arabia in the special month of Ramadan.
Al-Sayegh, a popular Lebanese calligrapher, perceives calligraphy from the viewpoint of Arab modernism. He wrote, “There is not just one road” in a beautiful calligraphy style.
The event was well-organized and attended by an eager audience, comprising aspiring artists, curators and art enthusiasts.
Nadine Kanso, a Dubai-based jewelry designer, was exhibiting in another section of the gallery.
She displayed her hand-crafted jewelry collection called “Bil Arabi” (In Arabic), which mainly comprised calligraphy letters. Using 18-carat gold embellished with an array of precious and semi-precious stones, the series is modern, contemporary and with a Middle Eastern edge.
A furniture exhibition titled “Bokja Studio” was held at the entrance of the gallery. Designers Maria Hibri and Hada Baroudi hosted it. One rather imaginative item was an embellished, stuffed elephant for home decoration.
A fourth exhibition titled “Parallel Lines” was held in which Saudi artists Dana Awartani, Basmah Felemban and Abdulaziz Al-Rasheed displayed their work.
This is the first time the three artists have shown their work together in the space bringing together elements inspired by their faith, translated onto paper and into sculptures.
Athr Art gallery is the leading contemporary art gallery in the Middle, East promoting Saudi art regionally and internationally. It also serves as a platform for Saudi and International artists to exhibit their talent.
“Ramadan Nights” runs until Sept. 10.

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