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Hisham Fageeh: Comedy by coincidence

It all began when 25-year-old student Hisham Fageeh uploaded YouTube videos to communicate with his sister and update her about his daily life in a comical way. His videos received much acclaim from viewers who watched and shared his videos on social media networks. The ideas behind the videos are not cohesive because they represent Fageeh’s daily encounters and different inspiring moments.
His viewership expanded to span the entire Saudi community when he turned his initiative into a comedy and entertainment channel.
Fageeh and his sister often talk to each other impersonating characters and this is how the videos are taped. According to him, it was all a coincidence; he was supposed to post a video on his Facebook account but encountered some difficulties uploading the video, and opted instead to post it on YouTube. He enjoyed it and found himself uploading more videos.
At first, he received 20 views, then 60 and soon the numbers began to increase by the day, until one day he shared a video at night and woke up to 30,000 views and messages in his inbox.
As Fageeh rose to fame, many other Saudi comedians began approaching him, asking him to contribute to their online shows. He later participated in another YouTube comedy show called “Zizo and Fiss”. The show is a short series about twin brothers oppressed by their overprotective mother and driven to lose all sense of reality.
Fageeh is now participating and hosting different comedy shows both within the Kingdom and abroad. Fageeh has almost 134,110 followers on Twitter, and his YouTube channel, entitled “Hisham Comedy” has more than 54,603 subscriptions and more than 7,775,754 views.

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