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Saudi Arabia

Importance of training programs for officials stressed

Makkah Gov. Prince Khaled Al-Faisal has stressed the importance of organizing training and rehabilitation programs for officials in high-ranking positions to improve their performance levels.
“I would be the first to attend a training and improvement program for provincial governors,” the prince said while speaking at a function to honor 147 senior officials who completed training programs at the governor’s office in Makkah on Sunday.
“Advanced societies realize the significance of implementing training programs in achieving progress. Indeed, man achieves success when he begins making efforts to improve himself,” the prince added.
He said the governor’s office launched several training and rehabilitation projects, which included benefiting from modern technology, to make administration more effective. The prince also thanked Undersecretary at the Governor’s Office, Abdul Aziz Al-Khodairy, and Assistant Undersecretary for Development and Technology, Ibrahim Al-Harbi, for their efforts to implement various training programs.
In his speech, Al-Khodairy said the governor’s office was striving continuously to offer different kinds of programs to raise performance levels of not only officials at command positions, but also of lower level officials in government departments.
“The governor’s office will continue drawing up contracts for partnership between government and private sectors in order to implement programs that would help departments to keep apace with the changing requirements of the province,” Al-Khodairy said.
He added that these programs were also part of the strategy to ‘build manpower by developing human resources.’
The training programs also aimed to increase productivity through acquiring technical and administrative skills, he said.

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