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Zamil provides on-the-job training for graduates

Zamil Industrial has recently welcomed the participation of a group of university and college students in the company’s training opportunity programs.
The Director of Corporate Human Resources, Yaser Al-Saeed, said that the HR department provided on-the-job training opportunities for 35 male and five female graduates from the Kingdom’s top universities and technical colleges as part of the company’s annual cooperative training programs.
Students from King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, the Technical Trainers College in Riyadh, Dammam College of Technology, Jubail Industrial College and Jazan University have participated in the programs.
Al-Saeed said, “To take maximum advantage of these valuable learning opportunities, the trainees were distributed among various departments according to their specialty.”
“Students worked in the production, engineering, sales and marketing, information technology, and finance departments at Zamil Steel and Zamil Air Conditioners.”
Programs ranging in length from two months to seven months for the cooperative university students.
He said that, the HR department coordinated in advance with various Zamil Industrial businesses to arrange appropriate project assignments and provided complete guidance and support for the trainees throughout their training sessions.
“Each university student receives SR2,000 per month stipend, while college students are given SR1,000 per month as an incentive to actively participate in the training program.”
Al-Saeed said, “The comprehensive programs provided trainees with ample opportunities to develop and sharpen vital skills, such as communication, creative thinking and problem solving, planning, time management, analytical skills, and teamwork.”
He also said that students were encouraged to develop a positive work ethic, learn new skills in their specialized fields of study and interact with multinational professional employees of the company while gaining confidence in dealing with various work-related situations.

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