Algeria celebrates National Day

Updated 19 November 2013

Algeria celebrates National Day

The Consulate General of Algeria in Jeddah celebrated the 59th anniversary of the Algerian national sovereignty on Sunday here.
“Today, we will remember the glorious sacrifice made by the Algerian people to gain freedom and independence in order to live in freedom, dignity and glory. We as Algerians and all other Arab brothers shall remember that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was one of the first supporters to the revolution of one million and half martyrs,” said Salah Attia, consul general of Algeria.
He said this anniversary was celebrated amid the process of the comprehensive reforms launched by President Abdelaziz Bouteflika. On the economic level, Algeria was able to eliminate its foreign debts, and supply the State Reserve Fund with $200 billion (SR 750 billion). Algeria has allocated $300 billion (SR 1,125 billion) to finance developmental projects from 2009 to 2014.
“The bilateral relations between Algeria and Saudi Arabia represent a clear evidence of the mutual understanding and appreciation between the leaderships of the two countries. The cooperation has continuously improved under the wise leadership of President Bouteflika and Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah,” he said.
By the end of 2012, Saudi investments in Algeria reached SR3.5 billion in pharmacological, cement, mineral, paper and chemical fields.
A team monitored upgrading the investments between the two countries and addition to preparing a study regarding the possibility of establishing investment partnership in the master farms, to activate bilateral commerce and marine transport.
“We are looking forward to enhancing the bilateral relations to reflect the high level of brotherly relation between the leaderships of the two countries and to achieve the expectations of our people,” Attia added.
Nabil Bukhari, representative of the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Makkah province, members of the consular corps, dignitaries, officials from international and regional organizations, businessmen, journalists and other public figures attended the celebrations.

Madinah museum showcases over 2,000 rare artifacts

Updated 23 August 2019

Madinah museum showcases over 2,000 rare artifacts

  • The museum has issued more than 44 books and publications on Madinah’s architecture

MADINAH: Dar Al-Madinah Museum offers visitors the opportunity to view historical pieces associated with the Prophet’s life. It features artifacts that capture the history, heritage, social life and culture of Madinah.

The museum’s executive director, Hassan Taher, said that it aims to promote the noble values of the Prophet Muhammad, encourage a sense of belonging and capture the history, culture and heritage of Madinah. The exhibits start with the Prophet’s life and end with the Saudi era.

Taher said: “The museum carries out specialized research in Madinah’s architectural heritage. It contains a library of relevant books, research and magazines, all of which are accessible to researchers.”

He said that the museum has issued more than 44 books and publications on Madinah’s architecture.

Taher explained that when preparing the museum’s narrative, it was necessary to reconcile temporal and spatial contexts so they created an added moral and intellectual value for the visitor.

He added: “There are around 2,000 artifacts in the museum’s exhibition halls. These include antiquities, extremely accurate models, handicrafts, manuscripts, documents, correspondence, old publications, postage stamps, photographs and artworks.”

One of the museum’s most valuable exhibits is a large collection of rare pieces associated with important moments in the Prophet’s life and the history of Madinah. 

These include various parts of the Kaaba, rare coins used in Madinah during different eras, ancient pottery, Islamic manuscripts, jewelry and collectibles from the pre-Islamic era.

Taher said that the museum has a professional team of guides who speak several languages, including English, Turkish, Urdu and Malay.