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Saudi Arabia

‘Criminalize abuse of Prophet’

Delegates at a conference here have called on governments of Muslim majority nations to seek a United Nations resolution that would make the abuse of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), other prophets and caliphs a criminal offense.
This was one of several resolutions adopted by the World Conference on the Prophet (pbuh) organized by the Madinah Islamic University this week.
Delegates also recommended that a research center be set up, named the King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Center for Studies and Research on the life and achievements of the Prophet (pbuh).
The conference recommended that Crown Prince Salman oversee these studies and that the university run the center.
The recommendations were tabled during the closing session of the conference, chaired by Abdul Rahman bin Abdullah Al-Sanad, director of the Islamic University. The conference had five sessions of dialogue and discussions.
The conference recommended organizing a workshop at the university for human rights activists from Arab and Islamic countries to develop a binding charter to protect Islam and the name of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).
Other resolutions adopted by the delegates included the recognition of the greatness of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the need for Muslims to respect, admire and pray for him, his family, wives and companions.
The conference commended the efforts of the organizations, agencies and educational institutions that have acknowledged and supported Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his message.
The delegates also called on Muslims to spread the message of Islam to non-Muslims globally through print and electronic media on all platforms in all languages, and for businesspeople to invest in these projects.
The conference recommended that the university hold seminars and courses inside and outside the Kingdom to acknowledge the rights and achievements of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).
The delegates also invited Islamic associations and universities to implement programs, conferences, meetings, and printing of scientific research and theses on the biography of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).
The participants wanted an encyclopedia published in various languages to cover the prophet’s solutions to ethical, social and economic issues. They also called on various government ministries to establish permanent and mobile exhibitions on the legacy and message of the Prophet (pbuh).
The conference called on Islamic governments to direct their embassies in various countries around the world to carry the message of Islam and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).
The conference thanked the Ministry of Education for allocating parts of its school and university curricula to the study of Islam and the Prophet (pbuh), and urged other countries to do the same.
The participants also wanted an award created for the best research into the life of the Prophet (pbuh), to be named after King Abdullah and run by the Islamic University.
The delegates recommended that the conference be held every three years at the Islamic University. The participants also recommended sending a telegram of thanks and gratitude to King Abdullah for supporting the conference and the university.

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