Rare Kiswa piece fetches $1 million

Updated 29 January 2014

Rare Kiswa piece fetches $1 million

A rare piece of the Kiswa (the cover of Kaaba) dated 1354 A.H., which was given as a gift by the monarch of Al-Bohra to King Abdul Aziz, was sold for $1 million at the second auction of Arabian Wings in Jeddah.
The piece is considered to be one the rarest pieces of the Kiswa.
Arabian Wings is a well-known art group. The auction, which fetched SR4.7 million, also saw artworks from a number of Saudi and Arab artists. They included sculptures, paintings and Islamic and contemporary art.
Arabian Wings held the event in collaboration with the Fitaihi Group.
According to Mohammed Bahrawi, chairman and founder of the Arabian Wings, the first edition of the group's auction was held in 2011.
“This year, it was all about contemporary art with different moods and tastes, and was an outstanding success for us,” said Bahrawi.
He said the new owner of the antique Kiswa cloth, who has requested anonymity, is very happy. He is planning to put it up in the next auction.
Bahrawi said having a piece of Kiswa is considered to be a symbol of pride and honor for Saudis.
“We must have a platform to display Islamic antiques in Jeddah,” he said. “The museum with Islamic treasures will be a great investment and a great opportunity for people to know about Islam and its importance.”

French couple tie knot in yellow-vest themed wedding

Updated 11 December 2018

French couple tie knot in yellow-vest themed wedding

  • The couple met a few weeks ago at a roadblock protest
  • They held the wedding at another roadblock at a nearby tolling station

DUBAI: Out of the madness of the Yellow Vests protests raging across Paris has sprung hope in the form of newlywed bliss.

After having met less than a month ago during a yellow vest roadblock in the Occitanie commune of Tarbes, two strangers, known only as “Chouchoune” and “Coco bel œil”, decided to tie the knot in a bizarre yellow-vest themed wedding ceremony, local media reported.

On Saturday, as violent protests broke out across the country, the couple held an outdoor wedding ceremony during a roadblock at a tolling station in nearby Séméac. The bride wore a tailor-made neon-yellow dress made from the reflective vests, and donned a crown of yellow flowers, while the groom wore a full suit of the reflective neon material.

Pictures of the wedding were posted to Twitter.

200 yellow-vest-clad guests attended the ceremony as the head of Tarbes’s gilets jaunes group presided over the ceremony. She pronounced the couple married whilst wearing a tricolor wig in the colors of the French flag, French daily La Depeche du Midi reported.

Given the roadblocks they’re currently taking part in, the couple’s honeymoon consisted of a “romantic” motorcycle tour around a nearby roundabout.