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Saudi Arabia

Pakistani pupil brings honor to the Kingdom

Hira Siddiqui, a Pakistani student, ranked 36th in the UNICEF World Science Competition from among 5.9 million other students from around the world.
The event was organized by UNICEF globally and entered the Guinness World Records for being the largest online educational competition.
Students of different ages took part in the event, competing in English, math and science.
Siddiqui, who is a ninth grader at Jeddah International School, took part in the science category in the age group 14-18. She attained the 36th position in the world, came in 3rd place in the GCC, and first among competitors in Saudi Arabia.
Hira told Arab News that she worked hard to receive this honorable ranking and is thankful to God first for her success and then her parents and teachers who were a constant source of inspiration and support to her.
She explained that participants registered individually or through theirs schools, and were then given an ID, which enabled them to log online on the designated website to compete against other participants.
“My entire school participated in the event, which was called World Education Games.
“There were three categories English, math, and science and each category had four age groups. The organizers, UNICEF, gave us one month to practice for the competition. It was the largest online educational competition, with around 5.9 million students of all ages participating,” she explained.
UNICEF awarded Siddiqui with a silver medal and a special certificate of recognition.

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