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Saudi Arabia

Get the drift: 5 years, SR40,000 fine await you

The government is applying brakes on the widespread menace of drifting.
Under the new laws, drifting, previously considered a traffic violation, will now be considered a criminal offense. Drifting is a driving technique that involves tilting a high-performance car on two wheels at very high speeds in a meandering motion.
First-time drifters will be referred to the Bureau of Investigation and Prosecution and then to the court. They will face confiscation of their vehicle for a month and incur a fine of SR10,000. Repeat offenders will lose their vehicles for three months and will incur a fine of SR20,000. They will face incarceration for six to 12 months. Third-time offenders will see their vehicles impounded for anywhere between one and five years and will be liable to pay a fine of SR40,000.
This comes in the wake of the increasing numbers of traffic-related accidents in the Kingdom.
Supreme committees are said to be putting the finishing touches to the new regulations.
Individuals found to be in the passenger seats or individuals who may have offered aid as well as spectators are considered accomplices and liable to a fine of SR1,500 or confiscation of their vehicles for 15 days or more.

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