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Saudi Arabia

KSA has 4th lowest population density among Arab states

Saudi Arabia is in the league of countries with the lowest population density.
According to an analysis carried out by Al-Eqtisadiah, a sister publication of Arab News, population density in the Kingdom increased from 14.6 persons per sq km in 2012 to 15 persons per sq km in 2013.
The term population density defines the number of people per sq km of land area. According to the analysis, the Kingdom has a population of 29.2 million in an area of 2 million sq km.
The analysis, based on data available from the Department of Statistics for 2013, matched the figures provided by the Saudi Geological Survey.
In 2011, the population density of Saudi Arabia was 13 people per sq km and was ranked 190 globally among 211 countries, which meant the Kingdom was among the 22 countries with least population density, and was at No. 19 among 22 Arab countries.
Saudi Arabia comes fourth in terms of the less populated Arab countries after Libya, which has three inhabitants per sq km, Mauritania (four persons per sq km) and Oman (10 per sq km).
Among the Gulf states, Saudi Arabia comes fifth in terms of population density, meaning the country is the second least populated state after Oman. It is interesting to note that three Arab countries — Bahrain, Palestine and Lebanon — outweigh the three largest countries in terms of population density, namely China, India and the US.
Bahrain is ranked fifth in the world as the country with high population density, while Palestine is ranked 12th and Lebanon 20th.
China, the most-populous country, is No. 69 in terms of population density; India, the second most populous nation, is No. 22; and the United States is at No. 158.

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