Almarai acquires huge farmland in Arizona

Updated 09 March 2014

Almarai acquires huge farmland in Arizona

Almarai completed the purchase of 9,834 acres of farmland in Vicksburg, Arizona, US, on March 6, according to the company’s announcement posted on Tadawul website.
The purchase was done through its fully-owned subsidiary Fondomonte, Arizona LLC, composed of 3,604 acres of freehold land, 3080 acres of agriculture lease hold land and 3,150 acres of grazing lease hold land.
The total consideration for this transaction amounts to $47.5 million, equivalent to SR178.1 million, and will be financed from the company's own resources.
Within the total land subject to this transaction, 4,430 acres are currently irrigated using the best modern methods such as dripping irrigation.
This transaction forms part of Almarai's continuous efforts to improve and secure its supply of the highest quality alfalfa hay from outside the Kingdom to support its dairy business.
It is also in line with the Saudi government direction toward conserving local resources.
In addition to this purchase, Almarai is committed to invest into the necessary infrastructure, including a bailing system and logistics and transportation equipment necessary for the efficient supply of alfalfa hay from its US-based facility into the Kingdom
The resulting increase in property, plant and equipment accounts will be reflected within the interim consolidated financial statements for the first quarter of 2014, the company stated.

UAE to impose 50% tax on soft drinks in health drive

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UAE to impose 50% tax on soft drinks in health drive

  • The 50% tax on soft drinks and 100% on vaping products start Jan. 1, 2020
  • The government says the taxes are necessary to help persuade people to make healthier choices

DUBAI: The UAE government has announced new taxes of up to 100 percent aimed at vaping and soft drinks, in a bid to reduce the consumption of unhealthy products.

Starting Jan. 1, 2020, the new list of taxable products will include sugary and sweetened soft drinks, as well as powders that can be used to make drinks, and electronic smoking devices.

A statement on state-run news agency WAM said the step is aimed at reducing “consumption of unhealthy goods and modifying consumers’ behavior.”

The Cabinet decision, will add a 50 percent tax on soft drinks with added sugar, in form of a liquid, concentrate, powders, extracts or any product that may be converted into a drink.

Vaping devices and the associated products will be taxed at 100%. (File/Shutterstock)

“The decision also requires manufacturers to clearly identify the sugar content in order for consumers to make sensible healthy choices,” the statement read.

The cabinet also announced the introduction of a 100 percent tax on electronic smoking devices - irrespective of whether they contain nicotine or tobacco - and the liquids used in the devices.

The UAE government first introduced a tax on specific goods deemed harmful to human health in 2017.