Shea butter: Your skin’s best friend

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Updated 23 April 2014

Shea butter: Your skin’s best friend

The reason why many women do not find shea butter effective is that they do not really know how to apply it well. If one knows how to use shea butter, then it will absolutely be their skin’s best friend.
There are many benefits of shea butter. It is used to treat skin burns. It contains fatty acids that deeply penetrate the skin and moisturize it. It eliminates stretch marks and renews skin cells. It is used to eliminate wrinkles, treat skin irritations and Eczema and protect skin from environmental/weather changes.
It is also used for easy makeup removing and as a component in anti-aging creams. Shea butter treats diaper rash for children and heals skin scratches. It resists skin microbes and skin irritators. Highly concentrated with vitamin a and e, shea butter is used in making cosmetics, such as soaps, lotions, massage oils and shampoos, It contains cinnamic acid which protects the skin against harmful UV rays. It is used as a hair conditioner and as an aftershave moisturizer, especially for sensitive-skinned men.
Clean your face and dry it well. Then, apply a small quantity of Shea butter. Rub it on the face, and your neck in a circular motion for 5-10 minutes. It can be applied once or twice a day.
Why shea butter?
1. It unifies skin color.
2. It prevents skin aging.
3. It protects skin freshness and provides it with vitamins that keep you away from needing Botox shots and mesotherapy.
4. It smoothens your face and gives it brightness.
5. It eliminates freckles developed during pregnancy.
6. It is effective in treating acne as it contains anti-bacterial agents responsible for acne fighting.
Black circles under eyes
The area surrounding eyes is highly sensitive, and has to be treated in a special way. For instance, covering eyes with warm Chamomile pads opens the pores and helps removing make-up. After this, the area becomes prepared for absorbing shea butter which is quite effective in eliminating the black circles under the eyes. Take a very small amount of shea butter, warm it between your fingers, and then apply it under your eyes delicately to avoid exhausting the area and making it more vulnerable to developing wrinkles.
You also have to follow these points:
• Drinking large quantities of water.
• Uninterrupted sleeping for no less than seven hours.
• Delicately tap some shea butter under your eyes twice a day.
• Steam bath your eyes twice a week. After that, you can put some Chamomile pads.
• Apply cold pads. Rose water can be used.

Red and white marks
Most of us have those reddish and whitish scars that accompany rapid growth, pregnancy and weight fluctuation. These marks are formed when the skin suddenly stretches out damaging the dermis, mid skin layer, and, thus, causing the marks to surface. Some women develop stretch marks because of hormonal imbalance, and using steroid medications, such as cortisone. Also, skin rubbing against one’s clothes, especially those made of artificial fibers, causes scars to form on the armpits, neck and under breasts. This is more likely to occur with overweight women, during pregnancy or because of wearing tight clothes for long times. Shea butter is quite effective in this case. One has to rub their skin well twice a day with shea butter to be best absorbed, and within a few days these marks will disappear. However, the case is different with marks formed due to pregnancy and weight bearing, one has to distinguish between them well in order to know how to effectively treat the problem.

How do stretch marks form?
The stretching-out of skin, due to pregnancy or weight bearing, causes the skin to break. This leads to developing reddish lines on the surface which then turn into white when the skin is completely damaged. This process results in non-renewable dead cells, the tissue weakens, cannot manufacture collagen, and lacks needed nutrition and moisturization.
Accordingly, the first step in treatment is to remove the dead skin layer, motivate collagen and blood circulation in the damaged areas, and then to apply recipes that help renewing the skin. Let’s start with that:
What causes stretch marks?
• Obesity or bearing a considerable weight.
• Hormonal changes, especially among women during puberty.
• Pregnancy, especially after the sixth month.
• Hormonal illnesses, such as adrenal gland disorders.
• Some chronic diseases, such as tumors and ascites conditions.
• Using certain kinds of creams, and having Cortisone shots for long periods.

On what body areas are stretch marks more likely to appear?
Thighs, belly and breasts in case of pregnancy. While for weight bearing, stretch marks appear on the belly, thighs, hips and armpits.
First of all, getting rid of dead skin is essential in paving the way for the Shea butter to be deeply absorbed for more effective treatment. Exfoliation is important not only for removing dead skin but also for activating\enhancing blood circulation, as a rather weak alternative for sports. A big spoon of coarse salt can keep you away from painful collagen-activating shots. A big spoon of olive oil is also a good exfoliator, especially the virgin type. When used in a hot bath, it helps opening skin pores, which in turn contribute to effectively removing the dead layer of skin. The skin has to be rubbed twice a day for a period extending from three to six months depending on the following:
• Are the stretch marks still pinky-colored or have turned into dark red?
• Have the marks turned white?
• Does the skin look deeply scarred indicating that the inner layer has been torn?
Instead of squandering money on expensive products, shea butter is the most effective solution for removing stretch marks. It is highly concentrated with vitamins needed for skin improvement. Wheat germ oil can be added to shea butter in equal portions for old stretch marks treatment.
Shea butter has various grades
Make sure that the shea butter you buy is rich in vitamins and is highly concentrated, in other words unrefined. During the process of refinement, shea butter turns paler, loses its therapist effect and only maintains its moisturizing role. Therefore, make sure you buy shea butter from a verified\reliable source. Shea butter’s grades vary from grade A, most excellent, to Grade D. It also has to be newly made/prepared, the fresher the shea butter is, the more higher its efficiency gets.
Shea butter properties
Shea butter is solid at mild temperature and liquefies/melts at body and hot temperatures. Therefore, there is no need to worry if the butter becomes oily, all you need is to put it in the fridge for a few minutes to have it solidified again. When you go out, make sure to carry your shea butter in a well-closed container in your bag as hot weather may cause it to leak.

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