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Saudi Arabia

Sound system covers Haram prayers up to 9 km

Authorities at Makkah have installed 4,000 loudspeakers all over the Grand Mosque and surrounding areas to ensure first-class sound quality during the peak Ramadan and Haj seasons, when hundreds of thousands of worshippers flood into the holy city to perform their religious rituals.
“Speakers have also been deployed in corridors and outdoor squares,” said Faras Al-Saadi, operations director at the Grand Mosque, on Saturday.
“Authorities installed 656 speakers in the mosque’s eastern corridor and in the newly opened floors for circumambulation during Ramadan,” Al-Saadi said in a statement.
“A technical committee has chosen only the most advanced brands and models after examining the most effective sound systems worldwide,” he said. “Thanks to this premium quality speakers, prayers will be heard up to 9,000 meters away, from Gaza Street to Ibrahim Khalil Street,” he said.
“The outside speakers are wind-proof, meaning sound will remain crystal clear even in rough weather. This is a very complex technical accomplishment. Special poles have been set up on several roads around the area and south of the mosque as well,” said Al-Saadi.
The loudspeakers installed at the top of the Makkah Clock Tower can be heard up to seven km away and the powerful green and white lights that go off at prayer times can be seen from 30 km, helping worshippers with hearing difficulties.

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