Saudi startup Sawwagy wins GITEX honor

The Sawwagy and UXBERT teams are proud of their achievement at GITEX 2016.
Updated 21 October 2016

Saudi startup Sawwagy wins GITEX honor

In a competition filled to the brim with hugely talented and innovative startups from across the Arab world, Saudi startup Sawwagy has come out top to win “best Arab startup” at the GITEX 2016 Startup competition.
A Saudi designed and built application, Sawwagy is a unique solution to a unique problem.
With family drivers a daily part of life in Saudi Arabia, almost everyone has had to deal with the headache of time wasted waiting for the driver to find you, spending 40 minutes on the phone giving directions or having them say they’re 5 minutes away when it’s really closer to 30.
Sawwagy makes every one of those headaches a thing of the past.
With its simple and intuitive design, you can send your location directly to your driver’s own dedicated app and request a pick up. The app provides an estimated pick up time and lets you track your car in real time as they make their way to you.
And with automatic notification for when your driver arrives, you’ll never have to spend time waiting in the burning heat for them to show up.
The app also works great for sending drivers to a new location to complete a delivery or to pick up someone else.
Designed in Saudi Arabia’s first Usability Testing lab at UXBERT, the app has been rigorously tested with real drivers in Saudi to ensure that its interface is incredibly simple to learn and use.
Launched 2 weeks ago, the app has already seen an explosion in downloads, 3,000 and counting, and that was before the award announcement. All of which proves that the app is a product families in Saudi Arabia want.
With plans to introduce additional new features, such as monitoring car speeds, scheduling pickups and dropoffs throughout the day, and a whole lot more, Sawwagy is the best way to ensure your family’s safety on the road.
The team behind Sawwagy are proud of not just the award at GITEX 2016, but just as importantly they’re proud to be a part of the Saudi startup scene.
The hope is that they can use their success to help bring more attention to the incredibly talented community of Saudi entrepreneurs and innovators who are already doing amazing things.
What can you do with the Sawwagy app?
● Ensure your family’s safety on the road
● Know exactly where your car is and where it’s going
● Instant notifications when a drop off or pick-up has been completed
● Instant notifications for when the driver has arrived and is waiting

New Hyundai Sonata a sportier mid-size sedan

Updated 6 min 39 sec ago

New Hyundai Sonata a sportier mid-size sedan

Hyundai’s new Sonata is ready for showrooms, giving the eighth-generation of the mid-size sedan a sleek four-door-coupe look that highlights the brand’s latest “sensuous sportiness” design language.

Created at Hyundai’s California Design Studio, the redesigned Sonata offers a freshly styled cascading grille framed by distinctive lighting architecture, and an entirely new rear. Chrome accents surround the daylight opening (DLO) and fresh wheel designs complete the look. New bodywork is built on Hyundai’s latest third-generation platform for a re-engineered driving experience.

“For more than three decades, each new generation of Sonata has raised the bar for quality and value among mid-size sedans, and this latest evolution also sets the standard for style, innovation and technology,” said Mike Song, Hyundai’s head of operations for the Middle East and Africa. “In a market increasingly divided into niche segments, the all-new Sonata reconsiders customer expectation in the sedan class and offers something sportier and more exciting than what has gone before.”

A hallmark of the new Sonata’s exterior is its Hyundai-first LED daytime running lights — embedded in a chrome strip. The lighting strip appears as chrome when the engine is turned off, but lights up when the driver starts the car. When night falls, available LED headlamps with dynamic bending light illuminate the path ahead.

Inside, the renewed center stack and instrument panel echo the exterior’s new looks. The trend carries down to the instrument design and a strong three-spoke steering wheel. Piano key buttons for audio and HVAC controls give a premium look and touch. The instrument panel follows a winged shape inspired by stealth aircraft. Visual elements combine to create a levitating effect, while designers have worked to maximize the sense of interior space. One clever application of new technology is a shift-by-wire (SBW) gear selector, which is sleek and technologically advanced, and takes up significantly less space than a traditional gear selector.

Interior fittings include a standard seven-inch color display audio touchscreen with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration, and a Qi wireless charging pad is available to keep smartphones topped up. Sonata now adds a second-row USB charge port. At the heart of the AVN system is a Bose premium sound system equipped with 12 speakers.

“The all-new Hyundai Sonata delivers a premium experience for driver and passengers,” added Song. “We apply a range of new technologies intuitively, with an emphasis on functional convenience, adding features that we know our customers will use and value.”

The new Sonata features six standard airbags and a range of safety systems, including advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) as part of Hyundai’s SmartSense technologies.