Saudi security eliminates ‘most-wanted’ Daesh terrorists

Updated 08 January 2017

Saudi security eliminates ‘most-wanted’ Daesh terrorists

JEDDAH: Two terrorists were killed on Saturday after a shootout with Saudi security forces in a district north of the capital Riyadh.
Acting on a tip-off that the wanted terrorists were present at a villa in the Al-Yasmeen district, security forces cordoned off the area and asked the extremists to surrender, security sources told Arab News. 
The militants, who were armed with Kalashnikov rifles, fired randomly at the police and tried to escape in a security patrol car. A police officer, coming from behind the patrol car, shot at the two militants and killed them. He was slightly injured and taken to hospital for treatment. 
“Wanted terrorist Tayea Salem bin Yaslam Al-Sayari was killed in a shootout with security forces after trying to escape with his companion Talal bin Samran Al-Saedi,” the Interior Ministry’s security spokesman Maj. Gen. Mansour Al-Turki told Arab News. 
“The two assailants had two machine guns, two explosive belts and a hand grenade,” Al-Turki said. “Chemical substances used in making explosives, men’s clothes, a female gown, some food and three gas cylinders have also been found inside the terrorists’ house,” he added. 
Security sources confirmed that Al-Sayari was one of the most dangerous terrorists wanted by security authorities. 
He was also one of the key Daesh-linked militants who made bombs and explosive belts. In addition, Al-Sayari was wanted for involvement in last year’s terrorist attack on an emergency forces mosque in the Asir region.
Al-Saedi, the other militant, was released from the Mohammed bin Naif Center for Counseling and Care in 2012, according to preliminary information.
Some witnesses in the Al-Yasmeen neighborhood confirmed that they saw security men chasing two armed men after dawn prayer. They added that the militants refused to surrender and fired at the security men, who fired back and killed both of them. 
The witnesses noted that the two extremists had lived in the district for nearly two months and they used to ride a black Yukon car. They also pointed out that the terrorists were seldom seen out of their house.

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Third annual Misk Global Forum launches with its youngest event yet

Updated 14 November 2018

Third annual Misk Global Forum launches with its youngest event yet

RIYADH: The third annual Misk Global Forum opened Wednesday in Riyadh, with opening remarks by the forum’s executive manager, Shaima Hamidaddin.

The two-day event brings young leaders, creators and thinkers together to discuss the future, the challenges it holds and change.

“What does the future look like, in a world where everything is changing?” So began the opening video montage at the third annual Misk Global Forum on Wednesday, with the theme “Skills for Our Tomorrow.”

“We want you to be inspired, not just by our speakers, but by your fellow guests,” said Shaima Hamidaddin, the forum’s executive manager, in her opening remarks, inviting delegates to a series of skills garages and majlises. She was introduced by Waem Al-Dakheel, the first woman to anchor the main evening news on Saudi TV at the Saudi Broadcast Authority.

Hamidaddin asked for a show of hands from different parts of the world, showing that there were delegates from every continent except Antarctica (and she said the forum would work on that for next year). She then asked for a show of hands for those under the age of 35, pointing out that this is the youngest Misk Global Forum yet, with youth and women on every panel.

Hamidaddin pointed out that through technology, we are already more globally connected than ever before, but urged people to collaborate and interact with the speakers and guests from different cultures at the forum. “We must seize the opportunity for uniquely human collaboration,” she said.