The seven cities attracting the world’s super-rich

Dubai has attracted a slew of high-net-worth individuals, according to the report. (AP)
Updated 07 March 2017

The seven cities attracting the world’s super-rich

DUBAI: Luxury estate agent Knight Frank and research firm Wealth-X have released their annual report on where the ultra-wealthy are snapping up property across the world.
The list focuses on high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) — those with $30 million or more in net assets – and examines their migration patterns.
The report notes: “The latest data on HNWI migration confirms the strong and growing attraction of Australia, the US and Canada as destinations for the footloose wealthy.
“Cities such as Sydney and Melbourne top the list of growth markets,” it adds.
Meanwhile, cities that have historically been seen as the centers of European civilization are now getting the boot with “Paris and Rome seeing outflows of 7,000 and 5,000 HNWIs respectively in a year. London remains an outlier in Europe, maintaining an annual net inflow of 500 HNWIs,” according to the report.
Australia’s Perth and Seattle in the US both make the cut with a 2016 inflow of 1,000 HNWIs each, The Independent reported.
Meanwhile, Vancouver, San Francisco and Dubai attracted 2,000 HNIWs.
Australia’s Melbourne, due to its proximity to China, makes it a prime destination for Chinese HNWIs which contributed to the city’s 3,000.
Sydney, for its part, has attracted a staggering 4,000 HNIWs.

Events company sees KSA as market leader

Updated 20 May 2018

Events company sees KSA as market leader

  • My Events International is based in Malaysia and operates on three continents worldwide.
  • ‘Saudi Arabia is being renewed,’ says My Events International founder.

JEDDAH: A global events company has begun operations in Saudi Arabia with a plan to make the Kingdom and Vision 2030 the focus of a growing world market in event management. 

My Events International provides event management, marketing, and sponsor and sales management in sectors including banking, technology, health care and construction.

The Malaysia-based firm operates in India, Kuwait, the UK, Singapore, Nigeria — and now Saudi Arabia. 

The company’s Jeddah opening was attended by Khaled Almaeena, Al-Abeer director; My Events International Saudi Arabia manager Shahul Dawood; founder and president of My Events International, Mohammed Abudawood; and Malaysia’s consul general in Jeddah, Dato Mohamad Ali bin Selamat.

The opening also included the launch of Expo Malaysia, which will showcase the country overseas.

“Our partnership with My Events International will help create a new trademark in Saudi Arabia that compatible with Vision 2030 and the new changes that is bringing,” Almaeena said.

“We are proud to announce that we are organizing the Malaysia Expo, which promotes trade and investment between the two countries and will provide job opportunities for Saudi youth,” he said.

Dawood said: “Saudi Arabia is our fifth country to have a partnership. We have entered Saudi Arabia at the best time — most of the doors are opened for us, and people are encouraging and supportive. 

“We are also aiming to do a special program for women. We are not only an event managing company, but also a specialist in content creation and public private partnership.”

Abudawood said: “We are witnessing a country that is being renewed. Youth represents 70 percent of the Saudi community, and they are full of energy and new ideas, so talking about events and entertainment will help make this change happen.”

Selamat said: “Malaysia and Saudi Arabia are two countries with great potential in sectors such as tourism, as well as developing small and medium enterprises.

“My Events International has great significance in events development, and this partnership will help strengthen ties between Saudi Arabia and Malaysia, and promote economic relations as well.”