Saudi Ideological War Center launches initiatives to fight terrorism

Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman
Updated 02 May 2017

Saudi Ideological War Center launches initiatives to fight terrorism

RIYADH: The Ideological War Center (IWC), a subsidiary of the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Defense, is launching extensive plans to fight extremism and terrorism, the ministry announced on its social media accounts.
In a series of messages released in several languages via social media, the IWC will focus on exposing mistakes, allegations, suspicions and deceptive techniques promoted by extremists and terrorists.
IWC also discussed on its social media accounts the correct Shariah methodology regarding issues of extremism and terrorism.
The messages also aim to introduce intellectual initiatives similar to the ones presented by Saudi and non-Saudi agencies as well as intellectual initiatives for the Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition.
In addition, the IWC, plans to raise the level of Islamic awareness in Muslim and non-Muslim countries to garner more support about the real Islam.

Inoculating youth against extremist thought through various programs and dismantling the means used by terrorism to recruit its followers were also among the goals targeted in addition to establishing the methodology of moderation in Islam.
By discussing in-depth the true ideological underpinnings of Islam the IWC also wants to establish the right concepts regarding issues, which terrorism acted to distort with incorrect interpretation and atrocious crimes.
The center also wants to implement effective plans against ideological extremism, including promotion of moderation, tolerance, dialogue and understanding values within the context of the belief in diversity.
Furthermore, the messages aim to present the values and principles of the correct version of Islam in a discourse that considers difference between understandings, cultures and civilizations in harmony with its contemporary context.
The IWC also wishes to use studies and research by creating scientific and intellectual platforms, international forums and research chairs to engage communities in promoting moderate view.
The IWC is staffed with experienced experts from Saudi Arabia and abroad in view of the international goals of the IWC with diversified content and discourse to include all the groups under its messages. Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman will supervise the project.
The IWC participated in several international activities. The IWC introduced several intellectual initiatives and communicated with think tanks and power centers around the world.
The IWC embarked on posting its electronic messages focusing on extremist ideologies, fighting from all over the world. The IWC managed to attract people who have been persuaded by extremism from more than 100 countries, including individuals who have been born, lived and grew up in non-Muslim countries. They have been affected by messages of terrorist extremism exchanged electronically among them due to a lack of knowledge about what they mean. Some of these messages focused on stirring religious fervor or taking advantage of financial difficulties.

The Color Run debuts in KSA’s Eastern Province

Updated 18 March 2019

The Color Run debuts in KSA’s Eastern Province

  • ‘The Happiest 5k on the Planet’ combines ‘fun, exercise and charitable giving’ during the Sharqiah Season
  • The Sharqiah project aims to deliver an extensive entertainment experience for both Saudis and visitors to the Kingdom

JEDDAH: For the first time in Saudi Arabia, The Color Run is coming to Sharqiah Season, which features more than 80 events in Eastern Province cities, and is the first of 11 scheduled festivals planned throughout the Kingdom in 2019. 

Sharqiah Season is a collaborative effort by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage, the General Entertainment Authority (GEA), the General Culture Authority and the General Sports Authority.

The countdown is on for The Color Run, which takes place at the South Alkhobar Corniche on Saturday.

In this untimed 5-km event, runners — who start in white — are doused with various colors at every 1-km checkpoint.

Since its inception in 2012, The Color Run has seen more than 7 million participants in 40 countries, while donating more than $5 million to charities. 

Organized in line with the GEA’s efforts to attract top entertainment offerings to Saudi Arabia, “The Happiest 5k on the Planet” will make its mark on the Kingdom as part of this year’s worldwide “Color Run Hero Tour,” with 15,000 participants expected in each city.

The non-competitive run is not only an opportunity to create picture-perfect memories, but serves as a celebration of health, happiness and individuality. 

The GEA is supporting the event as part of its continued efforts to enrich the lifestyle of residents and citizens in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 reform plan and the Quality of Life Program 2020.

The Color Run was hosted in the UAE twice in 2018, with massive crowds attending and cheering the runners. 

This year, the main theme is celebrating the hero in you, where nothing is impossible. Once the run is over, the fun will continue at the Finish Festival, a larger-than-life celebration with music, photo ops, activity booths, vendors, and more massive color throws.

“We are thrilled to be bringing The Color Run to Saudi Arabia. Its vibrancy matches the aims of the GEA and the Quality of Life Program 2020 objective to support and create new options that boost participation across cultural, entertainment and sports activities,” said the GEA’s Chief Operating Officer Sultan Al-Faqir.

“The Color Run, being held in our three biggest cities, will provide an exciting opportunity for thousands of families to engage in a healthy activity that combines fun, exercise and charitable giving.”

The Sharqiah project aims to deliver an extensive entertainment experience for both Saudis and visitors to the Kingdom.

The festival features events in Eastern Province cities, including Dammam, Dhahran, Alkhobar, Al-Ahsa and Jubail. Future seasons will focus on different areas of Saudi Arabia, with different entertainment options for each city. Upcoming seasons will focus on different areas, and also different parts of the year, such as Ramadan, Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha.

"The Happiest 5k on the Planet" will make its mark on the Kingdom as part of this year’s worldwide ‘Color Run Hero Tour,’ with 15,000 participants expected in each city. (Photo Supplied)

Turki Al-Sheikh, chairman of the General Entertainment Authority, said in a statement that  the organization’s participation in the festival aligns with its goal of improving the quality of life in the Kingdom, and discovering local talent in various entertainment industries.  He also highlighted the importance of the entertainment sector and its contribution to the economy and the creation of jobs for locals, all important aspects of Vision 2030.

The opening night of Sharqiah Season on Thursday drew crowds of Saudis to the Alkhobar Corniche, despite strong winds and sprinklings of rain earlier in the day. Groups of friends stopping to take selfies and families with young children in tow wandered through the Entertainment Boulevard, lined with food stalls selling karak and koshari.

Earlier in the day, the mega event began with the opening of an exhibit featuring the work of Leonardo da Vinci at the King Abdul Aziz Center for World Culture (Ithra). 

The exhibit showcased some of Da Vinci’s original sketches, with several screens showing videos detailing how his designs have continued to inspire scientists and inventors in the modern era.


Sharqiah Season continues until March 30, with upcoming weekends featuring sports events such as the Red Bull Air Race and the Formula 1 H20 boat race, as well as concerts in Dammam featuring Akon, Deadmau5, Pitbull and French Montana.