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Man in red tie and 'Ivanka bint' Trump are Saudi Arabia's most trending topics

Ivanka Trump (L) pictured in Riyadh; and the 'mysterious man in a red tie' (R).

RIYADH: US President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka has taken Saudi Arabia by storm ever since she disembarked from Air Force One in Riyadh Saturday morning.
The hashtag #Trump’s_daughter, in Arabic, is the top trending hashtag in the country as Twitter fans heaped praise on the first daughter.
Ivanka, who is set to take part in roundtable discussions during the president’s first official visit abroad, wore a long navy dress as she arrived in Saudi Arabia as part of the US delegation.

Ivanka was accompanied by her husband Jared Kushner.

Many others posted tweets about over a mysterious man in a red tie who stood behind the couple on the tarmac carrying a Louis Vuitton bag.
“This man in the red tie shouldn’t leave Saudi Arabia!” one woman said.

“Just give me the man in the red tie and throw me in the sea,” another tweeted, while another demanded the identity of the “Red Tie Man” be shared.
“You can have Trump’s daughter, just look at the man wearing a red tie! More handsome than her husband,” another Twitter user said.