UAE switching to steam for deep cleaning

Meraj Asad Khan
Updated 03 July 2017

UAE switching to steam for deep cleaning

A growing number of businesses and households in the UAE are turning to steam cleaning to shift the stubborn dirt caused by the dusty humid environment, for deep cleaning. With the power to remove 99.9 percent of harmful bacteria without cleaning agents and chemicals, steam cleaners offer high-powered, concentrated cleaning for hard floors and surfaces such as bar tops, tiles and glass, bathrooms and kitchen areas. Steam cleaners can also be used on textiles and shelves.
Steam cleaning eliminates germs, bacteria and microorganisms such as mold and dust mites, and is versatile enough for hard floors, tiles, ceramics, grout and upholstered furniture alike.
Meraj Asad Khan, sales and product head, retail sales channels (UAE), Kärcher, said: “Dust, high temperatures, pollutants trapped in AC vents, pets, children … the potential to derail good hygiene is endless. In the hot, humid and dusty conditions of the UAE, this delicate balance is easily interrupted by dirt and odours, calling for a cleaning solution that is immediate, effective and efficient.
“Steam cleaning has the lowest environmental impact of any cleaning method, as steam is a natural sanitizing and deodorizing agent that works without cleaning agents or chemicals. We at Kärcher are proud to have developed a range of environmentally-friendly yet highly effective cleaners, which leverage the power of steam in order to produce world class results.”
Kärcher has developed a number of steam cleaners with various applications around the homes and in public areas.
Steam Generating Vacuums combine a steam cleaner with a wet and dry vacuum cleaner in one, meaning germs and bacteria are immediately extracted together with the condensed water in the same pass.
Khan added: “There is growing evidence of how cleaning agents and chemicals can affect human health. From relieving the irritation of allergies to improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), using steam over chemicals eliminates many of the health hazards associated with cleaning, without compromising the performance of cleaning equipment. Kärcher is delighted to have pioneered this health-first solution for the region and will continue to develop products that leverage the many benefits of steam cleaning.”

Mashroat to support Labor Ministry projects

Updated 15 July 2019

Mashroat to support Labor Ministry projects

The Ministry of Labor and Social Development and the National Program to Support the Management of Projects in Public Entities (Mashroat) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to appoint the latter as the enabling arm to support infrastructure projects. Mashroat will provide consultancy services and technical support for managing the ministry’s construction projects and facilities management based on the highest administrative and operational standards.

The MoU will allow Mashroat to examine and evaluate the construction projects’ management strategies and the ministry’s current facilities management, including designing and identifying policies, procedures and processes. In addition, Mashroat will ensure project implementation and facility management systems are run efficiently and effectively.

The MoU is considered as the first of its kind to be implemented by Mashroat to support the management of public facilities for government entities in the Kingdom. This includes the provision of consultation services and technical support based on international best practices and will support the ministry’s facilities, including 14 operating and maintenance contracts for 389 sites spread throughout the country.

The MoU was signed by Executive General Supervisor of Supportive Services at the Ministry of Labor and Social Development Dr. Ayman bin Ibrahim Al-Shelafan, and Director-General of Mashroat Ahmed bin Mutair Al-Balawi. In attendance were Minister of Labor and Social Development Ahmed bin Suleiman bin Abdul Aziz Al-Rajhi, Assistant to the Minister of Labor and Social Development Mohammed bin Nasser Al-Jasser, and Assistant Minister of Economy and Planning and Board Member of Mashroat Khalid bin Saud Al-Shunaifi.

Al-Jasser said: “The signing of this MoU is an important step toward strengthening our partnership with Mashroat. Through this joint effort, we aim to strengthen the ministry’s public infrastructure system, and achieve a strategy that will contribute to the development of the Kingdom and achieve the ambitious goals of Vision 2030.”

Al-Balawi said: “Mashroat aspires to achieve an effective transformational approach for the project and facilities management offices in the governmental agencies, through supervising the planning of the infrastructure projects portfolio for government agencies.” 

He added: “We are pleased to sign this MoU with the ministry, the first-of-its-kind for the management of public utilities. The program will examine and evaluate the management of current construction projects, while uniting the measurement of operational and maintenance procedures and processes to achieve efficiency and effectiveness, fulfilling the ministry’s strategic objectives.”

The MoU is an implementation of a royal decree (No. 47004) dated May 31, 2018, pursuant to the Council of Ministers’ resolution stating that public entities shall establish project management offices in cooperation with Mashroat to follow up, coordinate and manage their projects and ensure their delivery.