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Houthi militias ‘blow up Yemen schools, push pro-Iran curricula’

Newly recruited fighters parade outside the US embassy in Sanaa on Monday before joining Houthi insurgents in the frontline at the border with Saudi Arabia and in other parts of Yemen. (Reuters)

ADEN: Houthi militias are blowing up schools and changing curricula in Yemen to push their pro-Iran agenda, according to a Saudi Press Agency (SPA) report.
Facing difficulty on the battlefield, Houthi militias are choosing to disrupt educational facilities “with the aim of achieving their empowerment, control and governance,” it was reported.
The appointment of the brother of the Houthi coup leader as minister of education in the internationally unrecognized government means curricula are being charged with “sectarian thoughts and ideologies that serve their policies and agenda being supported by Iran,” SPA said.
Pro-Iran material is being planted in schools, especially those at the primary and preparatory educational stages — and at the expense of other material relating to Islamic history, it was reported.
Sources told SPA that Houthi militias have closed 13 civil universities, about 50 specialized programs in other universities and sections of Qur’anic studies at universities in Hodeidah and Sanaa, and introduced new programs to teach the Persian language.

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