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Saudi Arabia

3.18m visas issued for Saudi domestic workers in 3 years

RIYADH: During the last three years, 3.18 million visas were issued for domestic workers, 35 percent of which were issued for Filipinos and Indians, Aleqtesadiyah newspaper reported.
The number of visas issued in 2016 increased by 15 percent to 1,173,500, against 995,930 in 2015 and 847,927 in 2014, according to a report by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development. Riyadh had the highest rate of visa issuance in the last three years at 25 percent.
The ministry said domestic workers will be transferred to other homes if their employer does not pay their salaries for three months for no valid reason.
The ministry urged people not to get involved in ads selling or leasing the services of domestic workers on social media by unlicensed authorities or individuals. It said it is monitoring such violations and transferring them to competent authorities for punishment.
The ministry called on social media to abide by regulations prohibiting these ads.

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