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Ancient 3,000-year-old doll is favorite with museum goers

Ancient 3,000-year-old doll is a hit with museum goers
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DUBAI: An ancient and rare doll believed to date back three millennia is proving a hit with history buffs at Turkey’s Gaziantep Medusa Glass Works Museum, the Daily Sabah has reported.
The 3,000-year-old puppet, which is believed to be the only one of its kind in a Turkish museum, is thought to have been used in ancient Greek theaters, museum director İbrahim Halil Algın was quoted as saying.
Made from warm clay, with moveable joints, it looks deceivingly heavy, Algin told Doğan News Agency.
“From the outside, the doll looks like it weighs around three to four kilograms, but it actually weighs 600 to 700 grams,” he explained.
The exhibition of exceedingly old artifacts also includes toy carts which are thought to date back as far as 4,000 years.