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Saudi Arabia

Senior cleric banned from preaching after insulting women

Sheikh Saad Al-Hijri. (Twitter photo)
JEDDAH: Asir Gov. Prince Faisal bin Khalid bin Abdul Aziz has banned Sheikh Saad Al-Hijri, a senior cleric, from preaching, leading prayers and other religious activities.
The ban follows Al-Hijri’s claim that when they go shopping, women — who he said only have half a brain to begin with — “end up with only a quarter.” His comments caused uproar on social media.
The spokesman for Asir governorate, Saad bin Abdullah Al-Thabet, said the ban is aimed at limiting the exploitation of preaching platforms to spread controversial ideas that diminish the value of humans.
He added that anyone using preaching platforms to disseminate ideas that do not serve the national interest will be banned.

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