Twitter competition for best 87th Saudi National Day video intensifies

A screenshot of the General Authority's promo video. (Video grab)
Updated 24 September 2017

Twitter competition for best 87th Saudi National Day video intensifies

JEDDAH: Twitter is seeing intense competition as Saudi government and private-sector agencies try to outdo each other to muster social media virtual votes for their videos celebrating the Kingdom’s 87th National Day.
Jeddah municipality, putting its best efforts, has even shared three video of its preparations for the Kingdom’s anniversary on its official account using the viral #SaudiNationalDay hashtag.

The official account of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTNH) meanwhile posted a video showing traditional dances across the Kingdom.
The clip starts with the Saudi poet Prince Bader bin Abdulmuhsen performing one of his verses about the Kingdom as an oud, with its distinct melodramatic sound, plays in the background.

For Saudi Arabian Mining Company’s (Ma’aden) meanwhile, there is no better way to present its video masterpiece but through King Salman’s words to his people itself.
“My focus is on the sustainable development and utilization of our country’s resources in order to achieve a prosperous future for our nations and for all Saudis,” King Salman says, addressing his fellowmen.
The video also features Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s words during his TV interviews: “Our ambition is to always be proud of our nation. Our ambition is to create a wonderful environment in our country. To make our country a major contributor in the advancement and development on the world, whether on the economic level, or the cultural level, or the intellectual level.”
“Our ambition will allow us to overcome any challenge. This is our ambition and we have so much to offer to Saudi and to the world.”
Ma’aden’s video ends with another of the Crown Prince’s words that “the sky is the limit if the Saudi people was convinced,” accompanied by the #together_our_ambition_has_no_limits hashtag.

MiSK Foundation’s 2:51-minute clip is likewise replete with creative artistry right from the start, and is highlighted by the caption: “A well-established and long-lasting steps. May you always be the source of our pride and patriotism.”

General Entertainment Authority’s tweets and videos have already been flooding the social media platform with a lengthy list of 27 activities across the Kingdom in 50 shades of green, promising Saudi-based audience with a variety of events ranging from musical concerts, national epics, international performances and more.

Dallah Al-Baraka, one of the largest business groups in the Middle East, presented a national work which embodies the unification of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the founder King Abdulaziz.

Other Saudi telecommunications companies also had a fair share of promo videos on the 87th national day.
Zain called for diversity in its video.

Meanwhile, Mobily chose to laud the heroes on the Saudi southern border defending the homeland with their blood as a contribution to the series of the national day videos.

Saudi Telecom Company (STC) video featured a song by the famous Saudi singer Abdulmajeed Abdullah's national song "We Pledge Allegiance To You, O Homeland."

Saudi Arabia ‘has a case’ in complaint over World Cup ‘politicization’ by Qatar’s BeIN

Updated 19 June 2018

Saudi Arabia ‘has a case’ in complaint over World Cup ‘politicization’ by Qatar’s BeIN

  • Broadcast of political messages in coverage forbidden, analyst confirms.
  • Saudi football federation urges FIFA to sanction the Doha-owned channel.

LONDON: Saudi Arabia has a justified case in complaining to FIFA over the “politicization” of the World Cup by the Qatari broadcaster BeIN Sports, a prominent TV analyst has said.
A flurry of comments by hosts and pundits aired on BeIN’s Arabic station prompted the Saudi Arabian Football Federation to complain to FIFA this week, saying the broadcaster was using the football tournament to spread political messages aimed at insulting Saudi Arabia and its leaders.
In its complaint, the federation called on FIFA to take severe sanctions against the Qatari channel and to abolish the rights granted to the network.
One BeIN commentator accused Saudi Arabia of “selling out the Palestinian cause,” while a Doha-based international footballer invited on the channel was allowed to call for an end to the year-long boycott of Qatar by neighbors Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt and Bahrain.
Constantinos Papavassilopoulos, principal TV research analyst at IHS Markit Technology, said that politicized coverage was expressly forbidden by world football’s governing body as well as the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA).
“FIFA and UEFA forbid the transmission of political messages during football matches for which they control the rights. It’s not only comments by the broadcasters — but even banners; everything (political) is forbidden,” the analyst told Arab News.
“So messages about Palestine, about political things, are not allowed.”
Papavassilopoulos said that if there is evidence of such cases, authorities in the Kingdom would be justified in taking the matter to FIFA.
“If there are video clips that show BeIN media personnel speaking against Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia has a case,” he said.
But whether FIFA will take any action against BeIN is another matter. Papavassilopoulos pointed to the fact that BeIN is a valued client of FIFA — it bought the rights to host the World Cup across the Middle East and North Africa — and that Qatar plans to host the tournament in 2022.
“BeIN media is a very good client for FIFA. And don’t forget that Qatar is the country that will host the 2022 World Cup,” he said. “It’s going to be very very hard for FIFA to impose penalties on BeIN media knowing that Qatar will hold the next World Cup.”
Some of the biggest names in Arab sport have signed a petition to protest against BeIN’s politicization of World Cup coverage, urging FIFA President Gianni Infantino to investigate the coverage.
FIFA did not immediately respond to a request for comment when contacted by Arab News.