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MODON, Huawei partner for smart industrial cities

Khalid Al-Salem, director general of MODON, and Denis Zhang, CEO of Huawei Tech Investment Saudi Arabia, recently signed an MoU to transform MODON’s industrial cities into smart industrial cities.
The Saudi Industrial Property Authority (MODON) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Saudi Huawei to transform its industrial cities into smart industrial cities. The move aims at enabling the factories to automate their operations and utilize advanced technologies in facilitating management, control, quality control and tracking its products remotely.
Khalid Al-Salem, director general of MODON, said the planning and designing of the project has already begun in Riyadh 2nd Industrial City by focusing on security and safety services. Fiber optic networks will be built, and CCTV cameras and electronic lighting poles installed, to monitor the traffic movement and security.
“This step will be followed by the implementation of some smart applications for utilities, health and environment and engineering support, along with raising the level of quality of services and sustainability and rationalization of energy and water consumption operations,” he said.
Al-Salem said the project will be launched soon after MODON completes the designs, prepares specifications and selects contractors for implementation. “A phased implementation system will ensure cost rationalization, provide sufficient time for testing and trial, and benefit from the experience of other cities,” he added.
Al-Salem said the project will contribute to the provision of high-quality ICT services through wireless networks within the industrial cities and to all factories.
Denis Zhang, CEO of Huawei Tech Investment Saudi Arabia, said: “As one of the leading smart city solution providers, Huawei is proud to be a strategic partner of the Saudi Industrial Property Authority (MODON) in various fields of the Kingdom’s information and communication technology (ICT) needs, which play a vital role in supporting the Saudi Vision 2030.”
He added: “Huawei puts all its advanced technological innovations into the service of the Kingdom, and we hope that this cooperation with MODON will be in the interest of providing more smooth, smart and digital services that delight the people of Saudi Arabia.
“Huawei reaffirms its full support for the Kingdom’s and its leadership’s vision in the digitalization era and building a sustainable, knowledge-based digital economy, and we will strive to support this trend by sharing and imparting expertise, skills, knowledge and the latest global experiences in the field of information technology.”

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