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Saudi Arabia slams Houthis for planting 50,000 mines on Saudi-Yemeni border

This August 2016 file photho shows a Houthi rocket that hit water filtering plant in Najran. Houthis have also been planting mines along the Saudi-Yemen border, endangering people from both sides. (SPA file photo)
RIYADH: The Kingdom slammed the Houthi rebels and their cohorts at the UN for planting 50,000 mines on the Saudi-Yemeni border at random.
This came in the Kingdom’s address before the Fourth Committee on “the item on mine action” prepared by Manal Radwan, political coordinator and first secretary at the Saudi mission to the UN.
Radwan said the Saudi-led coalition aiming to restore the legitimate government in Yemen was able to clear mines in Aden, Abyan, Dhala, Lahj, Taiz, Saada, Sanaa, and other areas.
The US-educated Radwan added that the mines posed a great danger to life and limb among Saudi troops and the local population.
“The Houthi militias have developed mines and manufactured them in a way that it is easy to conceal these in the local environment, like stones and other things, which increase the risk to civilians,” said Radwan.
Radwan said the Houthis have recruited children to plant mines, putting them at grave risk and violating their childhood and right to a safe life.
In cooperation with the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), the Kingdom has repatriated 54 children who were recruited by the Houthis and their cohorts.
These children used to plant the mines on the Saudi-Yemeni border but were turned over to the legitimate Yemeni government, which handed them over to their parents.

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