Saudi cybersecurity conference to fight increasing threats

Saudis attend the second International Cyber Security Conference, in Riyadh, in this February 27, 2017 photo. (AFP)
Updated 25 November 2017

Saudi cybersecurity conference to fight increasing threats

RIYADH: The Ministry of Interior, represented by the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC), will host the third International Cyber Security Conference (ICSC) in Riyadh early next year aiming to combat increasing cyber threats.
To be organized in March by the NCSC in partnership with Naseba, the conference aims to successfully combat the increased cyber threats targeting the Kingdom, particularly in recent times, through developing relevant standards, policies and the legal framework, sharing and disseminating critical information and alerts, and most importantly creating further education and fostering awareness among cybersecurity stakeholders, said the media department of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology.

Besides knowledge sharing and fostering relationships, one of the main objectives of the upcoming conference is to introduce stakeholders and attendees to providers of cybersecurity solutions and services, it added.

According to the ministry, up to 1,000 delegates, comprising VIPs, CEOs, CIOs, CISOs, IT and security managers, and young security aspirants, including students, will participate in the annual conference.

The conference, considered one of the largest of its kind in the region that addresses cybersecurity in different ways, will help facilitate national, regional and international collaboration between government, industry and critical cyber infrastructure organizations.

The ICSC will also feature investors who want to diversify their portfolios into international companies, particularly in the cybersecurity sectors where innovation could benefit the regional cyber-defense capacity.

With the Kingdom rapidly developing and diversifying its economy as part of Vision 2030, an important element of this new forward-looking economic plan is information and communications technology (ICT), but the widespread use of ICT heightens the risk of cybersecurity threats from hackers, hacktivists, insiders, organized criminals and even foreign governments.

In order to successfully combat these threats, the Kingdom needs to develop relevant standards, policies and the legal framework, share and disseminate critical information and alerts, and most importantly, create further education and awareness among cybersecurity stakeholders.

The NCSC, as part of the Ministry of Interior, is at the forefront of the cybersecurity defense initiative in the Kingdom and develops and manages the national strategic direction for cybersecurity in collaboration with government agencies, including the concerned ministries.

Saudi Arabian women make UK list of top innovators

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Saudi Arabian women make UK list of top innovators

JEDDAH: Two Saudi women have landed in a prominent top 100 list at the prestigious British Fashion Council.
Marriam Mossalli, founder and senior consultant of Saudi’s luxury communications firm, Niche Arabia, and Taleedah Tamer, the first Saudi international runway model, joined the ranks of the esteemed key players in the fashion industry.
They were two of only three women from the GCC to make it into the most innovative and inspiring youth category.
The announcement was made by the British Fashion Council during the Fashion Awards 2018, which was held at London’s Royal Albert Hall last week.
The list includes trailblazers, from image-makers, hair and makeup artists, set designers and creative directors, to models, digital influencers and stylists.
This year marks the first time the Fashion Awards 2018, in partnership with Swarovski, celebrates the young global creative community by introducing this category.
Niche Arabia has played a significant role in shaping the fashion industry in the GCC. Mossalli has recently published “Under The Abaya”, the first street style book created in Saudi Arabia, which showcases the dimensions of progressive Saudi women who have always existed behind the scenes.
“I’m honored to be part of the Fashion Awards ‘100 New Wave Creatives’ list,” said Mossalli. “Having 2,000 judges nominate me is truly a benchmark in my decade-long career. What’s more, our inclusion signifies the world’s increasing interest in Saudi Arabia.”
Taleedah Tamer is the first runway model from the GCC to strut gear at an international fashion week. Taleedah launched her first show with Italian couture brand, Antonio Grimaldi, at the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week.
Taleedah has already garnered significant global interest, being featured in The New York Times and The Telegraph, among other publications.
Her summer cover story in Harper’s Bazaar Arabia garnered international headlines and made her a viral Internet sensation.
“I was really happy and grateful for the acknowledgment,” said Tamer. “It was amazing to see all these creative talents recognized. Vivienne Westwood caught my attention. The experience was really humbling and I am very honored to be a part of such industry.”
“We are extremely proud to be celebrating ‘New Wave: Creatives’ as a new entry in our categories,” said Caroline Rush, chief executive of BFC.
“London, more than any other city, represents youth and creativity, which makes it the perfect place to acknowledge their contribution to the global fashion industry.”