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Saudi Arabia

New statistics reveal there are 5.4 million households in Saudi Arabia

RIYADH: The number of households in Saudi Arabia stood at 5.46 million, of which 35.9 percent were foreign, with about 1.96 million households, while the number of households occupied by Saudis was about 3.5 million, or 64.1 percent, Al-Eqtisadiah newspaper reported.
According to Al-Eqtisadiah report, based on data from the General Authority for Statistics for the current year 2017, the average number of people per household dwelling is about 5.9, because the total population is about 32.6 million people.
Makkah region was the most heavily populated area in Saudi Arabia, with 41.7 percent occupancy in foreign households, followed by Qassim with 39.4 percent and Riyadh with 38.6 percent.
The least populated areas for foreign families are the Jazan region, which has a foreign occupancy rate of about 20.6 percent, followed by Al-Baha with 21.2 percent of the total housing.
In terms of the number of households, 52.1 percent of them are in Makkah and Riyadh regions, with 2.84 million dwellings, while the Eastern Province has about 13.9 percent of the housing, with about 758,000 housing units for foreign families.
According to the analysis, 40.1 percent of Saudi households are owned by the same family, while rented dwellings account for about 50.3 percent of the housing and about 9.4 percent of the household units are provided by employers.
Housing in Saudi Arabia is villas and apartments, as well as popular houses. Villas represent about 14.5 percent of the total with 797,000 villas; 52.8 percent are apartments with about 2.88 million. The number of houses is about 910,000, which is about 16.6 percent.

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