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OSN launches free curated content publishing platform, ASLI

ASLI was launched during the Dubai International Film Festival 2017.
OSN, a leading entertainment network in the region, has announced the launch of its latest digital offering, set to become the region’s first free curated content publishing platform called ASLI, during the Dubai International Film Festival 2017.
ASLI, which means original in many of the region’s languages, will be live in early 2018 through the company’s existing OTT platform WAVO, and will be free for viewers.
By introducing this transformational platform OSN has now become the first entertainment network in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) to curate and provide an online platform where regional content creators can showcase their original material.
Speaking at a press launch, the chief executive officer of OSN, Martin Stewart, said: “OSN is the region’s leading entertainment network. We have been ASLI for more than two decades, which is why we are deeply committed and fond of this region and its people, who like us, love great entertainment.
“As we strive to continue to reshape the entertainment landscape in this region, home to such amazing talent, it is with extreme pride and excitement that we now deliver ASLI; an online curated publishing platform, where content creators can license and showcase their unique work to reach a vast audience.”
Ismat Abidi, producer of ASLI and legal counsel at OSN, added: “Viewers hungry for curated original content from the region will now be able to freely browse a catalogue on ASLI, through WAVO. All ASLI content will be subtitled in both Arabic and English and content creators will no longer need to worry about chasing algorithms, selling their work or relying on sponsorships or commissioned projects. They will automatically be featured in a place quality regional content deserves to be, alongside world-class content on WAVO, while retaining the intellectual property rights and full creative control of their work. ASLI overcomes one of the biggest frustrations of content creators in this region. It allows content creators to focus on what they enjoy the most, telling great stories from this region, for the world.”
Some of the region’s existing content creators who will initially be featured on ASLI are Peeta Planet, Punny Pun Times, Kerning Cultures, The Planet, What Doesn’t Suck, Waastaa/Halla Walla and The Scene Club.

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