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Saudi students win 25 medals and awards at Korean invention fair

SEOUL: Students from King Abdul Aziz University (KAU) won six medals and 19 special international prizes at the Seoul International Invention Fair 2017 (SIIF) in the South Korean capital.

SIIF was organized by the Korean Invention Promotion Association, and witnessed the display of 633 inventions from 30 countries around the world.

Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Yubi, the KAU president, congratulated the winning students, stressing that this unique national achievement was the fruit of continuous efforts by everyone, and evidence of scientific research and innovative development at KAU.

KAU students received 19 special awards from sponsor associations and organizations, including the Indonesian Innovation and Invention Promotion Association; Thailand’s award for the best international invention; an award from the University of Warsaw, Poland; an award from the Malaysian Association of Research Scientists; an award from the National University of Science and Technology MISiS from Russia; and an award from the Soul River Company, Hong Kong.

Two students, Athir M. Najim and Sarah O. Balkhi, from the faculty of industrial engineering, won a special prize from the Soul River Company, as well as two awards for their invention “The safe electric escalator.”

The invention of Rif M. Al-Mansour, “Drowsiness Sensor for Drivers,” also won two awards, while Tala T. Al-Rumi received four awards for her invention “Traffic Priority,” and Hanin O. Mimesh won two awards for her invention “The Smart Automatic Cooker.”

Khalid Al-Ghamdi, a student at the KAU faculty of engineering, won two awards for his invention “The Safe Knife Holder;” while Najat N. Al-Oteibi, from the KAU faculty of computing and information technology, won two awards for her invention “The Virtual Reality Game to Promote Child Intelligence;” and Wa’d Al-Qarni won two awards for her invention “The Stove Control.”

KAU students also won six medals from SIIF 2017: Silver medals for Najat N. Al-Oteibi and Wa’d Al-Qarni, and bronze medals for Ali Khalid Al-Ghamdi, Maher Al-Juhani, Hanin O. Mimesh, and Rif M. Al-Mansour.

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