Barclays report: Equities to continue outperforming bonds in 2018

Francesco Grosoli
Updated 13 January 2018

Barclays report: Equities to continue outperforming bonds in 2018

Barclays has released a major report which examines major asset classes globally.
The Q1 2018 compass report outlines how investors are being best served by leading portfolios toward developed and emerging market equities, in addition to high-yield and emerging markets bonds, while taking into consideration the importance of maintaining a well diversified long-term core investment portfolio.
The report, prepared by Barclays Private Bank, shares the latest views on the long-term strategic asset allocation (SAA) and highlights short-term tactical adjustments recognizing investment opportunities emerging from shorter-term cyclical views from across asset classes and markets across the world.
Commenting on the report, Francesco Grosoli, Barclays’ head of Private Bank for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), said: “The first compass report for 2018 outlines the main themes dominating investment portfolios as we look to the year ahead, where we expect stocks and equities to continue outperforming bonds in the economic cycle. Currently, no key indicators signal a major change to this outlook.”
He added: “Equity markets continue to show robust growth potential in the US, Europe (ex-UK), and emerging markets, particularly the Asian markets. The report also emphasized that investments are best served in diversified long-term core portfolios with a strategic mix of assets, using professional investors providing active management on top of this allocation to achieve strong long-term returns.”
The latest edition of the Compass Research Report kept an overweight position in developed markets equities.
Leading indicators related to this asset class currently indicate brighter times ahead.
These firming prospects for global growth and inflation are what matter for trends in corporate earnings and therefore prospective equity market returns.
Emerging markets equities are also maintained as an overweight allocation in the moderate risk portfolio as the business cycle continues to firm up, as evidenced by business confidence surveys and trade data. Asian markets remain as the preferred region, with Korea, Taiwan and China (offshore) showing the highest conviction country bets on a strategic basis.
High-yield and emerging markets bonds has also maintained an overweight benchmark.
Allocation to cash and short-maturity Bonds, developed government bonds, alternative trading strategies and investment grade bonds remained underweight in the latest compass report.
The report also kept a neutral view to investments into vommodities and real estate.

Ford trains 1,600 motorists in Mideast, Africa in 2018

Updated 11 December 2018

Ford trains 1,600 motorists in Mideast, Africa in 2018

Ford Driving Skills for Life (DSFL) has wrapped up a successful 2018 having added programs in two new markets — Morocco and Madagascar — as well as having launched a women-only program in Saudi Arabia. The training program reached more than 1,600 inexperienced motorists in 10 cities around the Middle East and Africa.

Providing free training and instilling safe driving practices, the DSFL program offered an opportunity to gain experience in the four main primary driving skills: Hazard recognition, vehicle handling, speed management, and space management.

This year, Ford DSFL was run in the UAE (Dubai), Kenya (Nairobi), Uganda (Gulu Town), and four cities in South Africa (Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Rustenburg, and Pretoria), while Casablanca welcomed Morocco’s first-ever DSFL for three days of training in October. 

Antananarivo in Madagascar also joined the DSFL family when it played host to 50 members of the media, and a train-the-trainer for distributor staff, in September, becoming the eighth market in sub-Saharan Africa alone to benefit from the introduction of Ford’s program.

In addition, on its return to Jeddah, Ford hosted the global debut of its DSFL for Her, a new customized version of Ford’s award-winning safe-driving initiative, helping to build confidence behind the wheel as participants in the Kingdom prepared to be among the first-ever women to be issued a driving license in the country.

The DSFL for Her course followed the landmark decision last year, as decreed by King Salman to lift the ban on females driving in Saudi Arabia.

“Safety continues to be a key priority for Ford, and providing campaigns such as DSFL can only help reduce the number of road accidents, and increase young drivers’ knowledge and confidence on the road,” said Jim Graham, global manager, Ford Driving Skills for Life. 

“Ford also made history in 2018 when it hosted the first-ever practical hands-on driving training for women in Saudi Arabia — DSFL for Her — specifically designed to accommodate Saudi females embarking on their first journey behind the wheel of a car. These are the kinds of occasions that make Ford exceptionally proud of the success DSFL has enjoyed this year, as the program continues its rapid expansion, and evolves to adapt to the needs of the markets in which it operates,” Graham added.

Ford Driving Skills for Life was established in 2003 by Ford Motor Company Fund, Governors Highway Safety Association, and a panel of safety experts to teach newly licensed drivers necessary skills beyond standard driver education programs. In 2008, the program expanded to Asia Pacific, and in 2013, Ford DSFL branched out into both Europe and the Middle East.

In 2017, the free program celebrated reaching the one-millionth newly licensed driver trained.