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It’s a wrap: Egyptian woman files for divorce after just 40 days over shawarma

A shawarma ended a marriage in Egypt. (Shutterstock)
DUBAI: An Egyptian woman is ending her marriage after just 40-days because her husband refused to buy her a shawarma, Egyptian news site Masrawy reported.
The woman, Sameeha, said that when the newlyweds went out, she told her husband she wanted a shawarma, but he refused, saying they “only went out for juice.”
“We had a traditional arranged marriage, I only knew him for two months before the wedding and never noticed how stingy he was,” Sameeha told the Egyptian daily.
“During the first week of our marriage, he told me that he hates going out anywhere because that would be a waste of money,” she added.
The woman also stated that her husband accused her of “exploiting his wealth” by demanding he buy her a shawarma after he bought her juice.
The case is now in the Egyptian court and is set to wrap up in the coming weeks.