Muslims, Copts rebuild church destroyed in sectarian clashes in Egypt

Christian woman lights a candle at Saint Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church before Pope Francis is scheduled to visit, in Cairo, Egypt on April 23, 2017. (Reuters)
Updated 21 February 2018

Muslims, Copts rebuild church destroyed in sectarian clashes in Egypt

CAIRO: Muslims and Coptic Christians in the Upper Egypt governorate of Minya began rebuilding a church that has been destroyed in sectarian clashes, which erupted last April.
In the name of love, unity and cooperation, residents of the “Kom Al-Loufi” village in the city of Samalut are rebuilding a church, called “The Virgin and the Martyr Abanoub,” after it was destroyed during clashes between Muslims and Copts.
The reconstruction plans commenced in December, said Ibrahim Mohammed, a village resident quoted by Al-Masry el-Youm.
Member of Parliament, Magdy Malak, was quoted saying they are known for their honesty and cooperation regardless of religion, color or creed. He stressed that their collaboration to construct the church proves their deep ties.
Clashes at the time erupted when Muslim families noticed groups of Copts performing ecclesiastical rituals inside a house without permission. Altercations between between both sides led to violent clashes.

Film Review: Mowgli’s latest jungle run releases on Netflix

Updated 09 December 2018

Film Review: Mowgli’s latest jungle run releases on Netflix

CHENNAI: Technology is not a bad thing, but when stretched to the extreme it can hamper films. “Mowgli: The Legend of the Jungle,” which was released on Netflix this week, seems to suffer on this precise point.

Directed by the Hollywood legend that is Andy Serkis, the film employs his trademark use of technology that records an actor’s performance in three dimensions then maps the digital character, in this case the animals of the jungle, over the top.

While he is famous for his performance-capture techniques, it can be distracting from the plot and a little bizarre to watch on screen as the all-star cast — Benedict Cumberbatch as Bengal tiger Shere Khan, Cate Blanchett as the snake Kaa and Christian Bale as the panther Bagheera — morph into animal form.

Disney’s 2016 computer animated remake of Rudyard Kipling’s work was a huge hit and Serkis’ effort pales in comparison, but the upside to this latest remake of Mowgli’s adventure is that it focuses on the boy-cub’s (played by Rohan Chand) interaction with other humans and does so delightfully.

According to an interview with The Associated Press, Serkis was deep into planning when Disney’s version was announced, and, although he knew the films would be quite different, there was still pressure to be first. Once that “went away” when Disney beat them to theaters, Serkis said, they decided to take the time they needed to refine the story and get the performances and the technology up to his standard.

The film follows Mowgli as he is captured by a hunter (played by Matthew Rhys) and taken to a neighboring village, where a kind woman (Frieda Pinto) nurses him and even sings him a lullaby. Ultimately, the plot boils down to a choice between two worlds — the jungle and the village — and the young boy must choose between the lesser of two evils.

Serkis’ work has an important message for audiences and shouts loud and clear about the dangers of expanding urban developments in countries like India. The forests are shrinking, says a character in the film, and perhaps this film will shed light on the need to save the wildlife therein.