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Yemen army advances east of Sanaa while dozens of Houthis are killed in Taiz

Yemen’s Arab Coalition-backed army has advanced into the governorate of Nham east of Sanaa. (Photo courtesy: Al-Ekhbariya)
DUBAI: Yemen’s Arab Coalition-backed army has advanced into the governorate of Nham east of Sanaa, liberating several Houthi-held sites, the Saudi-state news channel reported on Monday.
Yemeni sources said the army liberated the strategic mountains of Nakhsh after heavy fighting that killed at least 25 Houthi gunmen.
This latest news comes at a time when the army targeted various locations of the militia in several areas of the same region which saw the destruction of various pieces of Houthi military equipment.
Meanwhile in Taiz, 40 Houthi militia were killed in fighting with the Yemeni army. According to Yemeni sources, the army shelled military positions and reinforcements on the line between Naquil Al-Salu and Dimna Khadeer in Taiz, while destroying military vehicles and equipment belonging to the Houthi militia in Khadair district.
Separately, medical sources said Sunday a mother and three of her children were killed in a double suicide bombing in Aden, raising the death toll to 12.
The family was among seven people who succumbed to wounds sustained in Saturday's attack, which was claimed by Daesh.
Five other people, including security officers and a child, were killed on the spot when two suicide car bombings hit the headquarters of an anti-terror unit on a beach near the Tawahi district of Aden.
Daesh claimed the attack through its propaganda arm Amaq. Daesh has repeatedly attacked Aden, where the government is based, claiming hundreds of victims and mainly targeting government forces.

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