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King Faisal University holds first student carnival

The Carnival of Student Clubs and Activities was held at King Faisal University (KFU) in Al-Ahsa on Feb. 20-22.
The first-ever Carnival of Student Clubs and Activities was held last week at King Faisal University (KFU) in Al-Ahsa.
The aim of the three-day event on Feb. 20-22 was to offer a platform of creativity, learning and fun for the student community.
Each participating student club had a leading role.
The idea was hatched by a group of 13 KFU students: Al-Reem Al-Mutlaq, Reem Al-Zamami, Hadeel Al-Humam, Maram Busahail, Faye Bodai, Noura Al-Jughaiman, Najla Al-Hamali, Razan Bamousa, Al-Hanouf Al-Taisan, Bushra Al-Najar, Latifa Al-Sumail, Jumana Al-Jughaiman, and Alia Al-Dosary.
The accomplishment of 400 student volunteers bringing this vision to life showed the great potential of student leadership and work.
It was supervised by KFU’s deanship of student affairs, and sponsored by the university director.
Upon arrival, visitors were amazed by the transformation of a general students’ area into a true replica of a carnival.
People were welcomed by volunteers, who guided them on where to start and what to try first. There were student translators for English speakers.

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