Yemeni army inflicted heavy losses on the militia west of Marib

Armed Houthi followers rally in Sanaa June 14, 2015. (Reuters)
Updated 24 March 2018

Yemeni army inflicted heavy losses on the militia west of Marib

DUBAI: Yemeni National Army forces clashed with Iran-backed Houthi militia forces north of the Sarawah district west of Marib, Saudi state-news channel Al-Ekhbariya reported.
A Yemeni military source said in a statement carried by the Yemeni defense ministry’s official site “September 26” that violent confrontations erupted in Jabal Marthad north of Marib, where the Yemeni National Army forces inflicted heavy casualties on the militia.
In eastern Sanaa, Arab coalition forces carried out raids on a weapons cache and combat vehicles belonging to the Houthi militia.
According to a field source, coalition aircraft launched air raids on separate militia positions and gatherings in the Nahm district, destroying two SUVs, and an arms depot.
He pointed out that the raids coincided with an artillery attack carried out by the Yemeni army targeting various militia locations and gatherings in the area of ​​Al Bayad and west of Al-Kahl.
In Al-Jouf governorate, the Arab coalition aircraft launched air strikes targeting different locations of the militia.

Yemeni troops stop Houthi advances, inflict further casualties

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Yemeni troops stop Houthi advances, inflict further casualties

  • The Yemeni army halted Houthi advances in a strategic district in Taiz
  • The army also liberated an important range of mountains in Saada

DUBAI: Eight Houthis were killed Tuesday during clashes with the Yemeni national forces in Taiz, Saudi Press Agency reported.

The militants were killed while trying to infiltrate sites in Tabab, a strategic route into Taiz, southwestern Yemen, the Yemeni military website 26 September News reported.

But the Houthi’s advance was halted by the army, which killed eight of the militia, the source added.

Al-Shaqb front is the main route to Sabr Al-Mawadem district in Taiz province.

Meanwhile members of the army took control of the route connecting the northern city of Saada with Kitaf and Albuqa districts after heavy clashes with Houthis, SPA reported.

The army took full control of the strategic mountain range in Kitaf and advanced towards Saada, inflicting heavy casualties on the Houthis.

Army units found and destroyed a large cache of weapons, 26 September News added.