South Korean singer BoA: Six songs that inspired me

South Korean singer BoA (Kwon Bo-ah) is one of dozens of K-pop stars set to perform in Dubai. (Photo supplied)
Updated 04 April 2018

South Korean singer BoA: Six songs that inspired me

South Korean singer BoA (Kwon Bo-ah) is one of dozens of K-pop stars performing as part of the SM Town World Tour in Dubai on Friday. Here, BoA talks us through six pop tracks she loves.

Michael Jackson
‘Billie Jean’
I started dreaming of becoming a singer after seeing Michael Jackson in the “Billie Jean” video. The mix of fantastic choreography and amazing music made such a huge impact on the music industry. I believe this song inspired a lot of artists, all around the world, to dream of being a singer.

Janet Jackson
‘Rhythm Nation’
She’s truly such a fascinating female artist — the way she dominates the stage. And her shows are so well put together, with the design and the dancers. What I loved most about “Rhythm Nation” were the uniforms and the perfect group choreography.

‘4 Minutes’
I’m sure Madonna has been a huge influence for many female artists. Her live shows always make a massive impact; the sets are amazing, and she’s always trying new things on stage. This song impressed me with its power and addictive beat. She’s collaborated with many amazing artists — it’s something I dream of: to have a fantastic collaboration with someone like her.

Britney Spears
‘…Baby One More Time’
I was preparing my debut when this track came out, and it was such a refreshing hit. Her energetic performance and amazing stage presence taught me a lot about what it takes to be a successful singer.

Justin Bieber
He was so young when he started out, but he made music, like “Boyfriend,” with his own unique color and style, which is amazing. His songs are always on-trend, but show off his personality and thoughts. I always look forward to Justin Bieber’s new music.

Bruno Mars
When the trend was to make futuristic music, this throwback to the ‘80s’ and ‘90s’ new-jack-swing style sounded very fresh to me. Personally, this style of music was what I used to listen to so much, and I was so happy to hear it again.

HIGHLIGHTS from ‘In the Age of New Media’ exhibit in Dubai

"Fish" by Youssef Abdelke. (Supplied)
Updated 17 December 2018

HIGHLIGHTS from ‘In the Age of New Media’ exhibit in Dubai

DUBAI:“In the Age of New Media” presented six works from five Syrian artists and is described by curators at the Atassi Foundation as “a thoughtful selection of contemporary classics, referring to the traditional art of painting.” The exhibit was showing at Al Serkal Avenue in Dubai and closed on Dec.16.

“Fish” (2015)
Youssef Abdelke
In this piece, Abdelke conveys oppression and violence, but through the gradation of the charcoal also implies a sense of optimism to the viewer.

“Time Immortal” (2018)
Kevork Mourad
New York-based Murad is originally of Armenian origin, and this work, drawn on muslin fabric then cut out and arranged in rows to create “an installation of sorts,” is connected to Mesopotamia and, according to the release that marked the exhibition’s launch “declares his affiliation to this part of the earth.”

“The Deluge” (2012)
Elias Zayat
The subtitle of this piece is “The Gods Abandon Palmyra,” and it is based on the ancient flood story of Mesopotamian legends, the Holy Qur’an and the Bible, but retold in “a fantastic contemporary artistic language.” Zayat has described the essence of the story as an attempt to “reorganize the universe and rebuild it in an honorable manner after it was over-flooded by evils…”