The Six: Innovations at the Global Grad Show in Dubai

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Updated 13 November 2018

The Six: Innovations at the Global Grad Show in Dubai

DUBAI: Taking place during Dubai Design Week, the Global Grad Show is showcasing student-designed innovations from 100 universities around the world. Here are six of the fascinating projects on show.

Parity Pockets
Designed by Francesca Suman of the US-based Pratt Institute, these no-sew pocket extenders provide a solution to one example of gender bias in design — the often non-functional pockets in womenswear.

Neonomads Shelter
Students at the American University of Sharjah designed the tent for research scientists working in the desert that consists of a shaded area, a fireplace and storage units.

FingerReader, designed by students at the University of Auckland, is a wearable device that reads printed text out loud.

Imperial Race
Designed by Durrah Alomar of the German Jordanian University, this board game teaches people about Iraq’s ancient civilizations.

Journalist Drone
University of Tehran students designed this customizable drone that allows journalists to build drones differing in weight, size, flight capability and footage quality. In the future anticipated by this project, a journalist arrives at a scene and chooses the combination of drone modules needed to best capture the event.

NYU Abu Ahabi students designed this submersible drone that autonomously scans marine environments, especially coral reefs.


UAE's Hussein Al Jasmi to perform at the Vatican's annual Christmas concert

Updated 11 December 2018

UAE's Hussein Al Jasmi to perform at the Vatican's annual Christmas concert

  • Al Jasmi is the first Emirati artist to perform at prestigious Vatican event
  • The concert will be broadcast worldwide on Christmas day

DUBAI: Emirati singer Hussain Al Jasmi is scheduled to perform at the annual Christmas concert in the Vatican on Saturday.

Al Jasmi, a UN Goodwill Ambassador, will become the first Arab artist to perform at the event. His participation in the concert will be alongside the Grand Orchestra under the direction of Maestro Renato Serio.

 “I have always been pleased to contribute to charitable work in order to create an environment conducive to a dignified life, respect, equality and peace, the values that we have grown on and inherited from the late Shaikh Zayed.” Al Jasmi wrote on social media.

His performance is a nod to the policy adopted by the UAE to consolidate the values of inter-faith tolerance, moderation and intercultural exchange, as well as to continue creating channels of communication with all peoples worldwide, regardless of their ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds. Notably, The UAE is the first country to establish a ministry for tolerance, the Ministry of Tolerance.

The performance will take place at Paul VI Audience Hall on the eve of Christmas, and will air on the fifth Italian Channel as well as several channels around the world.