Meet the Saudi designer using music to spark innovation

Al Johara Beydoun taught participants how to translate music into design. (Image supplied)
Updated 18 November 2018

Meet the Saudi designer using music to spark innovation

DUBAI: The fourth edition of Dubai Design Week wrapped up on Saturday, but not before innovative Saudi designer Al Johara Beydoun held a workshop on how to translate music into design.
Armed with a BA in interior design and an MA in urban design, Beydoun is the founder of Ink; — a Jeddah-based multidisciplinary design studio that merges art, design and science with a focus on urban design, architecture, interiors and furniture design.
Beydoun hosted Saturday’s class, which was held as part of Dubai Design Week’s 230 events.

Al Johara Beydoun. (Photo courtesy: Muhummad Bajniad) 

“The workshop aims to teach participants a new method of translating music into design and utilizing music as a concept generator tool,” she told Arab News before her session.
“Workshop participants will learn the process of creating a space inspired by the emotional journey a musical piece can evoke… participates will learn how to reflect, fragment and formulate a design from concept to a result,” she added.
Beydoun expanded further on what it means to be a good designer and the importance of seeking inspiration from a wide array of sources.
“To be a good designer is to be a good storyteller. We create design solutions based on visual stories and we create with a blend of art, science, mathematics and literature,” she said of her Saudi Arabia-based studio.
As one of only a handful of Saudi designers taking part in the fair, Beydoun recognized the inherent opportunity to fly the flag for her home country.

Participants were taught how to use music as a tool. (Image supplied)

“It’s important to show the world what Saudi Arabia has to offer. I believe that there are many talents that need to be in the spotlight and showcased, hence why I chose to participate in Dubai Design Week. In such events, we are not only showcasing our talent… but also the beauty of our beliefs and identity.”

Where We Are Going Today: Shatllah

Updated 22 March 2019

Where We Are Going Today: Shatllah

  • Shatllah’s prices are reasonable, while the assistants are very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful

Do you need to add a little life and color to your surroundings? Houseplants are often said to be a source of positivity, and Shatllah has taken this concept to the next level.

Forget the idea of a lonely looking plant in a boring beige pot; this shop adds beautifully designed containers and creative touches that turn them into delightful decorations that are almost works of art. One in particular that caught my eye was designed to look like a tiny garden, complete with a miniature table and chair.

Shatllah’s creations make for perfect gifts, which is how I discovered the shop, in Jeddah’s Al-Zahra’a district, while looking for a present for a friend who loves houseplants. I was so impressed with its wares that I ended up buying some for myself as well. After all, who would not rather have a living plant decorating their home rather than artificial flowers or other fake items?

Shatllah’s prices are reasonable, while the assistants are very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. They are more than happy to offer advice on picking the perfect plant and how to take care of it when you get it home.